What’s ur fav YouTube channel

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  1. I would say probably Doug demuro based on the fact that his videos hold my interest the most.

    Out of all your subscriptions which channel would u say is your favorite?
  2. The Report of of the Week because I like to watch a skinny pale dude in oversized suits review fast food from the comfort of his car or grandparents house
  3. Big booty hoes washin cars

    It has all my favorite things.

    Guys jerkin in their cars to........errr I mean Big booty hoes and cars!!
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  4. Aussie Man. And big booty hoes.
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  6. I find Doug DeMuro almost as annoying as that Shmeeeeeee whatever guy. Besides, he reviews cars like a child who has never driven one.
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  7. i jsut watch trending cause thats where all the best stuff is
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  8. Nobodies perfect. Doug is always positive though because he loves cars and he shows you details of the cars that nobody else does. Shmee is good for new model launches he seems to be the first person on YouTube with new supercars.
  9. Some of the stuff he comes out with on his channel is just straight-up incorrect, too.

    He's pretty awful.
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    I like Mighty Car Mods, Skid Factory, and Benny's Custom Works. Loads of good car building content. Aussie humour is great. Long episodes with lots of detail. Really interesting stuff. I think Skid Factory is my favourite of those three. Al/TurboYoda is a proper seasoned expert and really knows his shit.

    Carfection - I think Henry Catchpole is one of the best automotive journalists around.

    Autocar (when it's not paid promotion shit for crossovers I'm not interested in)

    TheSmokingTire is great for the One Take stuff, and the podcast is almost always entertaining.

    SlowMoGuys - Obvious reasons

    Linus Tech Tips - Most of what they tallk about goes right over my head, but it's still good content

    Thomas Heaton - Landscape photographer that I follow. Really good stuff. Kinda aspirational for me tbh.

    Kai W (used to be on DigitalRev) - Camera gear reviews

    SuperGT - Gran Turismo Sport streams

    Glen & Friends Cooking - started watching this guy when his videos about trying to replicate Coca Cola were being promoted. He's done a bunch of similar videos, as well as a series of trying recipes from depression-era cookbooks. He's starting a cocktails one now so that should be good.

    Back to Blading - Rollerblading content. Owner of a rollerblading equipment company showing his progress as he gets back into Aggressive Skating. Good for tips to progress my own skating

    Braille Army - somewhat repetitive skateboarding content, but still pretty cool. Probably aimed at kids less than half my age, but they do have some good stuff.

    Bill Burr podcasts - obvious reasons

    TwoSetViolin - two asian-australian violinists who make pretty funny content. Another one that can go over my head quite a bit, but they make entertaining videos. Also, they're great musicians so when they upload videos of them playing it's really enjoyable to see a couple of experts playing their instruments

    Best MOTORing Official - I need to learn Japanese, but they post English subtitle videos sometimes. JDM awesomeness.

    Cokaïn.fr - fail/win/wow/etc video compilations. Usually pretty unique, and better than FailArmy IMO.

    Loads of others
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    Bad Obsession Motorsport, their Project Binky series is fantastic.

    Frank Howarth makes beautiful woodworking videos. Top notch filming, editing and narration.

    Petrolicious is great to watch while eating breakfast on Saturdays.

    I've watched all the episodes of Motor Trend's Roadkill show several times. That show has been moved to their pay-site, but the old episodes are still available on Youtube. The best car show available, bar none. None of the fake drama of every other "reality" car show I've seen. Super entertaining. One of the two guys has his own channel (Finnegan's Garage) which is interesting, but not as fun.

    I also watch Goonzquad. I can't stand their endless chatter, but their work ethic and their end results are very impressive.

    The Proper People have some pretty cool urban exploration videos.
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  12. Gaming:

    The Quartering
    Jim Sterling
    Nintendo Life
    Snes drunk
    John Hancock
    Skill up
    Gaming Historian
    The 8 bit guy
    Last Gamer


    Car Throttle
    Drive Tribe
    Car Cleaning Guru
    Scotty Kilmer
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  13. Sure isn't as much love for big booty hoes as there should be
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  14. you absolute herb
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  15. SlowMoGuys - Obvious reasons

    what are the reasons I don't know anything about youtubers
  16. Slow motion video is always great to watch

    The two guys who do it are pretty OG as far as YouTube goes. The camera guy Gavin has worked on Hollywood films and his colleague Dan used to be in the armed forces, so he knows about the explosives and munitions and things they use occasionally.

    It's great for geeks who like camera stuff too. The gear they use to capture is really quite impressive.
  17. :D:D:D:D
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  18. Don't really have a favorite, but I have a few that I watch very often, such as MKBHD, CodysLab, Linus Tech Tips, Veritasium and a bunch of cooking channels.
  19. Forgotten weapons
    Jay Leno's garage
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  20. Ah yeah love Jay Leno's videos.
  21. Donut Media
    Mighty Car Mods
    Turning Point USA
    Igor Presnyakov

    And I guess Cobra Kai is technically a youtube channel?
  22. i enjoy doug also. dude is a giant dork but so am i.
    regular car reviews

    bald and bankrupt is the best travel channel ever
    anything dan bell puts out. another dirty room is definitely his best series.

    i also really like kiwami japan. weird japanese guy who makes knives out of unconventional materials. like underwear or smoke.
  23. forgot historia civilis. his series on ancient rome and ceaser were top notch
  24. AvE
    any jon bois video
    Applied Science
  25. BroScience is funny

    So is Ozzyman

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