What a sucker speed

Discussion in '1999 Bugatti 18/3 Chiron' started by carfreak, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The Bugatti RULES but this car has a sucker speed for a Bugatti that is. I love the car design and all but you now THE SPEED SUCKS !!!!!

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    How big do you think the chance of this car being electronically stopped at 300 km/h is?<!-- Signature -->
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    no chance bugatti wouldnt do that they are intentionly designing 250mph+ cars
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    keep in mind that this is a concept
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    top speed,hp and 5 speed. Sucks big time
    there shuld be more top speed, plenty more HP (no less then 900-1000)
    and a 6 speed manual.
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    Naahhh, this car is good enough, I think.
    If you add 4 turbos it could make 1000 bhp, but what's the point?
    The Veyron is your raw-power Bugatti, they don't need to make another 1000 bhp car. They couldn't sell them.
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    hell, why not make it a 7 speed? hell why not make it 1 million HP, hell why not make the top speed light speed. hell, why don't you just shut up and let the car be what it is, it's a concept, and a damn good one, you know gearing has a lot to do with top speed and 1/4 times, and 188MPH is DAMN good, and what if the top speed is lowered so that it does 0-60 in 1.5 sec? then is it so bad? what if the 1/4 time is 9 sec. but the top speed was "only" 188MPH, would that be so bad? i don't think so, so next time you say it is slow, or needs more HP, stop and think, then post, if you can't do that, then don't post.

    (P.S. i'm not saying that accel. is that good, but you don't know, so what if the top speed is lowered so the accel. is improved? then the top speed is not bad. and i'm not saying 188MPH is bad, at all)
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    Haha, you guys are gay, you obviously dont know the main heritage of Bugatti.
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    Well how about you explain some of what you know we come to this site to learn.
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    just leave the car be.
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    18 cylinders 555hp??? It sucks big time.
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    How many times do people make this same mistake? Top speed is no factor in acceleration (or the other way around). Acceleration is strictly due to the torque values and top speed is achieved with the displacement horse power values. Hp is a product of torque (but i forget the calculation to find out the horsepower from torque values.) So if you lowered the top speed, acceleration would not be affected. Why do you think that you can purchase turbos for the 1/4 accleration, another turbo for mid power and then another turbo for peak power (and a few turbos in between too). (You could have learned that by playing Grand Turismo A-spec).

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