What are intresting minor religions

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  1. Church of SC.NET
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  3. may the Fonz be with your
  4. Exclusive bretheren
    The way international
    Lords witnesses
  5. Norse paganism
  6. taoism isnt really that minor of a religion, its been around for ages and estimates are that it has followers in the tens to hundreds of million. in comparison Judaism would be a minor religion.

    same with Sikh. tens of millions of followers
  7. E30M3ism is the fusion of man and machine.

    If you believe, your single goal in life is to obtain an E30 M3. Once you've accomplished that you will be fulfilled with supreme happiness.

    If you have one and you rice it out or mod it in any way deemed tacky. you will be banished from the religion, your car taken from you and sentenced to a life of driving FWD pontiacs.

    The patron saints are the designers and engineers of the E30 M3.

    Follow these rules and when you die you will goto E30 M3 heaven where everyone is given an E30 M3 Evo3 and gets to spend an eternity driving around the best track imaginable.

    The 5 commandments:

    1. Though shalt not put a SBC in the E30 M3
    2. Though shalt obtain an E30 M3 by all means necessary
    3. Though shalt respect and admire E30 M3 owners
    4. Though shalt acknowledge E36/46/92 M3 owners but always consider them as inferior
    5. Thine E30 M3 is your one true possesion in life, put it above your wife, kids and other family.

    If you would like to join I will add your name to the list.

  8. walper?
  9. i will join E30M3ism and put a LS1 in

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