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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, May 3, 2016.

  1. It's probably time to do this again.

    John Mayer - Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967

    Listened to the album it's off for the last few years, but only recently has this song started to resonate with me. I didn't really notice the subtext before. It's funny how changes in one's life brings different perspective to things you're familiar with.
  2. I've been recycling a bunch of prog rock albums lately. Having a hard time expanding my horizons and enjoying it.
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  3. Just yesterday I dropped by the music review site I go to, where I always check out the latest "featured". Came across The Observatory, an art/indie/experimental rock band. Kinda digging it

  4. Oh god why do I like this?
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  5. That took way too long to turn into a song.
  6. Best percussion I've heard in hardrock/metal for a long time. I know it's from last year, but oh my god <3
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  7. I remember Le Le, Kickstart Le Brommer is still a favourite of mine haha
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  8. This album has really aged well. Hard to believe it's 22 years old already.

    I was recently linked to this, which I haven't seen before. Always nice to watch Tina Weymouth lookin classy and laying down some sick beats.

    EDIT: Also, Adrian Belew on guest guitar.
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  9. Woah! That's effing good!
  10. I look forward to my Monday Morning commute since "discovering" Spotify's Discovery playlist. I heard some really good songs that way since it tailored to your music preference.

  11. He has some pretty catchy tunes i think:

    He's part of this rap group(which is awesome, but it's dutch):

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  12. Beautiful album.

    I cahn feal eeetttt
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  13. Yeah, this is really good. The song I posted was on this week's list. I have another list called "save weekly" where I put all the recommendations minus the shitty ones.
  14. That's a good idea. Is that a playlist you made? I'm pretty new to Spotify.
  15. A facebook group I'm in does weekly spotify playlists. Someone picks a theme for the week, and everyone adds 3-5 tracks that fit the theme and everyone listens. You guys wanna try that out? Some of the themes we've done are bands you've seen live, female singers, high energy, etc
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  16. gorgoroth destroyer

    burzum dunkelheit norwegian black metal
  17. Yeah I'd like to join that, definitely, I have Spotify as well

  18. Thought I'd give you one of my favourite sides of all prog albums I know. Must've heard this a hundred times front to back by now.
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  19. Ah, yes. I've listened to it several times before. YouTube is actually kind of great when it comes to obscure prog albums.
    The last one is too metal for my taste. But thanks!

    Today I'm in the mood for a bit of melancholia, since it's our Holocaust memorial day.

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