What conspiracies do you believe in?

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  1. Prolly saw lancervance's hotornot floating around on the intarwebs
  2. i guess
    they would have already been thru this age, and interested in how things panned out different.
  3. The PS3 can actually render games on two screens at 1080p / 60fps.
  4. The JFK thing.

    And evolution.
  5. In regards to evolution, how is fact a conspiracy?
  6. I believe that the USSR is contaminating our bodily fluids.
  7. Stop docking with strange Russian men.
  8. But they give me coke!

  9. I definitely believe there's more to the Kennedy story than we know. As for aliens, I believe they exist, and that they may or may not have been here, or tried contact us. However I think all that Area 51 shit, and the government knowing all about aliens and keeping it a secret is BS.
  10. I'm playing american now.

    Kennedy was murdered by the Soviets.
    Bush govt did the 9/11.
    Obama is a trrrist.
    Jesus is real as are bigfoot and ewoks.
    The US government has preserved aliens in olive oil just for the fun of it.
    Moon landing was filmed in Utah.

  11. Abraham Lincoln
    9/11 - I don't want to say that it was done to get the public approval to go to war, but I believe it could've been prevented.

    I think it's pretty self explanatory about Abraham Lincoln and JFK.
  12. Agree about 9/11. I don't think any western governments instigated it, but there is probably a cover up over how ineffective (or willing) they were in letting it happen.

    I'd like to think the Titanic conspiracy was true. Not because it affected what ultimately happened or the number of lives lost, just the audacity of trying to pull something like that off...
  13. My take on aliens is that it's actually an evolution of mankind, being able to travel through time, having holiday trips to long ago, like, 2009. Or 1950. Or whatever. It's always been there, but only financially available for the happy few aliens.

    edit: I wish someone would just think my idea is plausible so I feel a bit less awkward
  14. The only conspiracy theories that I actually believe have to do with the FIA.
  15. george bush is a lizard
  16. None of them. We landed on the moon. There may be aliens - they have better things to do than visit us. JFK was shot by a looney acting alone. That looney is long gone. Bigfoot is a hoax, and so are crop circles. How many times do the perpetrators have to tell you? 9/11 was NOT an inside job - it was just a tragic example of how effective terrorists can be. Etc, etc.
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    LOL! Talk about consiracy! LOL!

    Quote ""Deprogramming the masses since 1547"
    Mission Statement

    For centuries, mankind knew all there was to know about the shape of the Earth. It was a flat planet, shaped roughly like a circle, with lots of pointy things hanging down from the underside. On the comparatively smooth topside, Europe sat in the middle of the circle, with the other continents scattered about the fringes, and parts of Africa hanging over the edge. The oceans lapped against the sides of the Earth, and in places ran over, creating currents that would pull over the edge ships that ventured too far out to sea. The space beyond the edge of the world was a dark realm inhabited by all sorts of unholy beasts. Fire and brimstone billowed up from the very depths of hell itself and curled 'round the cliffs whose infinite length jutted straight down to the darkest depths . . . .

    Then, in the year of our Lord fourteen-hundred and ninety-two, it all changed. For decades a small band of self-proclaimed "enlightened" individuals had been spouting their heretical nonsense that the Earth was in fact round. Citing "proof" based on nothing more than assumptions, half-truths and blind guesses, they dazzled the populace with their " . . . undeniable mathematical and scientific evidence . . . that the world is shaped not like a pancake, but an orange!"

    Rightly wishing to dispel notions regarding the alleged citrus-like shape of our planet, the Church was able to either silence or execute nearly all the fanatics. But a small handful remained, continuing to spread their blasphemous speeches and to promote their heretical ideals involving the very center of the universe. One of their number, who called himself Grigori Efimovich, would later be known to the rest of the world as Christopher Columbus. Using an elaborate setup involving hundreds of mirrors and a few burlap sacks, he was able to create an illusion so convincing that it was actually believed he had sailed around the entire planet and landed in the West Indies. As we now know, he did not. What Efimovich actually did was sail across the Atlantic Ocean to a previously undiscovered continent, North America, and even then only to a small island off the coast. It took him several years more even to "discover" his blunder and claim it as a " . . . new world". But the damage had already been done, and mankind entered into what we now call its "Dark Ages" . . . .

    Enter the Flat Earth Society. For over five hundred years humanity has believed the "round Earth" teachings of Efimovich and his followers. But all hope is not lost. For through all that time, a small but diligent band of individuals have preserved the knowledge of our planet's true shape. And now, after centuries in the Dark Ages, we believe that mankind as a whole is once again ready to embrace the truth that has forever been the Flat Earth Society. Using whatever means are deemed necessary and relying heavily on a callous disregard for the lives and well-being of our members, we have slowly but steadily been spreading the news.

    But why? Why do we say the Earth is flat, when the vast majority says otherwise? Because we know the truth."

    More at ; http://www.alaska.net/~clund/e_djublonskopf/Flatearthsociety.htm

    Even more at ; http://theflatearthsociety.org/cms/
  18. Not plausible. Eventually the future enterprise for time travel in the past would become available to the lower class and we'd be seeing more of them.
  19. John Lennon was killed by the government
  20. 9/11 totally plotted. But for what reason? To go to war in Afghanistan and eventually Iraq? Dumb reason really.
  21. the climate hoax obviously.
  22. That sounds fair to me.

    I also think that making pot illegal had more to do with paper then it did protecting people.

    Anyone believe in 2012 doomsday theories? I personally do not.
  23. anyone that does is an idiot considering the basis for it is the mayan calender, and not even the mayans thought the world was gonna end in 2012. 2012 was just gonna kinda be like our BC-AD changeover, or the end of a century.
  24. 9/11
    Moon landing
    Swine Flu
  25. Elaborate. On all of them.

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