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  1. Coming for your candy assess now.

    First thing I did was put on my sandals (over my socks of course) threw on some aviators, cranked some Guns and Roses and did a bunch of burnouts in front of random girl's walking down the street. 2017-05-29 11.48.41.jpg
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  2. 1988 Corvette. 131000kms. 4+3 manual Transmission.
    In great shape mechanically. Needs only min or work. Leaky injector and new brakes and new weather stripping all around.
    Cosmetically needs some work on the interior as do most 80s cars. And needs a really good wet sand, clay bar and cut polish

    This is my goal for looks.

    I have a guy already picking up parts. And I'm sending it in to be bored/stroked to a 383. And having a new 5 speed tranny put in.
    He has done this job a few times before in Camaros and once in an 85 Vette. His results were 460-470hp with around 550ft/lbs.
    I am going to see what option I have suspension wise. I want this to be a canyon carver over just pure straight line speed. Hence why I am not going forced air and staying NA.
    I have already order a new front bumper conversion kit to the 92-96 front end.

    I paid 3000$ cad for the car.
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  3. Congrats

    Only thing that comes to mind though
  4. Hell yeah!! 3G for an 1988 Corvette, that's a bargain.
  5. The only reason I bought it was the price. I think the early C4 is the second ugliest vette ever made. Weirdly enough I think the late C4 is one of the best looking. Which i's the car I wanted. But for 3k I couldn't say no to this one. It was from an estate auction.
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  6. Congrats! Ugly as it may be (compared to other Corvettes), it's still special.
  7. C4s do absolutely nothing for me, some of the latest ones can look okish in the right colors I guess.

    Enjoy! Decent enough platform and they're so cheap now. Make it do vroom vroom things.
  8. I love the c4 and that clam shell hood. Cong rats.
  9. I think you are right. I like the C4 cause it's the generation I grew up with. But I always liked the updated C4 body.
    But as ugly as this car is(compared to other Vettes) as you mentioned. This car draws a lot of attention. I get looks everywhere I go. Had a guy come check it out at the gas station.
    There is something about the looks of these cars. The long hood. How low they are. I had a Mazda 3 beside me today and my head doesn't come above the bottom of they're side windows.

    I am having a mechanical issue today after driving about 200kms. It's all of a sudden developed a metallic rattling sound and the clutch pedal doesn't pickup until halfway through its travel and it's grinding into gear. I am hoping there is some kind of loose linkage. But I am prepared for possibly having to replace the clutch.
  10. Thats mad. So cheap! The crappiest Corvettes in Australia are still like AU$15000 :(
  11. aren't your salaries overpriced also?
  12. really cool
    i love how its cheap but looks great and should be fun to drive

    does the roof come off?
  13. Yes. It has the removable hard top/targa top.
    It's pretty fun. It's actually a lot more fun through the twisty roads than I thought it would be. I think with new more modern struts/shocks and a new set of rims and tires it will be incredibly fun through twisty stuff.
  14. Really? But everything is so expensive there!
  15. It is, but I earn 35k a year and it's more than enough to live comfortably. And I have quite a decent paying job for Dutch standards.
  16. It really all depends on what you are used to. I'm used to making over 160k a year. If all of a sudden I had to take a pay cut to 35k a year I would lose everything. My mortgage payment works out to 20k a year by itself. Plus I have kids and utilities.

    But if I'd only have ever made 35k a year and built my life of that I'd probably be very comfortable and make it work just fine.
  17. It also depends on the country obviously. In America i assume 35k is poverty, since you have to pay healthcare and schools yourself. Here you don't have to pay that, because taxes and insurance.
  18. In Canada it's similar. Most of that's paid. But we get screwed on silly things like utilities, phone service, Internet, cable.
    All luxury items though. Things that can be scaled back if needed.
    As example. A basic cable package here is 60$ a month, 100mb/s Internet is about 100$ a month. My phone is 120$ a month.
    My power bill is about 400$ a month. My natural gas bill is about 70$ a month. My house insurance is about 100$ a month. And I pay 140$ a month for government health care, plus another 140$ for my work benefits package.
    Thats over 12000$ a a year just for that crap.
    Then there vehicle costs. Which again can be adjusted to income level.
    But my current lease is 800$ a month plus 140$ for insurance at full discount. And then probably 700$ in fuel. Then my wife's vehicle costs as well.
    Then there's all my kids extra caricular activities.

    Life adds up quick. How anybody survives on under 50k a year with children blows my mind.
  19. Damn, internet and phone is expensive in Canada. I pay 40 euro's for tv/internet and 30 a month for my phone.

    A colleague of mines earns about the same money as me , has a house with mortgage and has 2 kids to raise on his own. He's doing fine. I mean, it's not like he can afford to buy a corvette, but he's coming by.

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