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Discussion in '2000 Panoz AIV Roadster' started by fords are slow, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. need yor opinion!
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    I like it. I raced one in the game midtown madness. No power steering though.<!-- Signature -->
  3. I've seen this car in real life and personally, I think it looks like another Lotus Seven clone.

    P.S. It's a lot bigger than it looks in the picture.<!-- Signature -->
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    i think i like it
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    it is preety skinny, its not to big
    a nice american car
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    it looks somewhat like the plymouth prowler
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    I would just like to reply to Porsche911 quickly,

    You said it's not to big. I've seen this car in real life at the Seattle Auto Show and was shocked to see that it's bigger than a Prowler.

    Just so you know. <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
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    There is one big ass difference between this and the Prowler and it would be that this thing stomps the shit out of the Prowler for performance.<!-- Signature -->
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    I think That The Panoz Roadster is big for a reason, the fact that it hauls more ass than a prowler, and well it feels more like an f1 than a road car.<!-- Signature -->
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    BAD ASS! All alluminum, beefy engine, it pulls a freakin later G on corners. This thing would be fun to drive and the gas mileage isn't even that bad!<!-- Signature -->
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    I've never been inside a Prowler, but the ones I've seen seem to be longer and skinnier than the AIV Roadster. I've been in an AIV with one of my friends who is a grandson of Don Panoz. The Roadster is wider I think, and much prettier (I wanted to stick my dick in the gastank the first time I saw this car). I think we all come to a consensus though that the Plymouth Prowler is just that: a Plymouth.
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    this car is the purest expression of a roadster that youll find anywhere. imho, its awesome..handles great, sounds great..a real piece of work, would love to own one.
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    it's awsome. the prowler doesnt stand the slightest chance against this, i mean there both about the same weight (i could be wrong) but this thing has a V8 and well lets face it, even if you lowered a V8 into the prowler this thing would still waste the prowler's sorry litle ass! this even looks better, the prowler is just a wannabe panoz.
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    yea, this thing is bad ass. i love it, even though it tops out a 140, the looks kick every thing elses ass. i dont think ive ever seen a car this cool before. it kicks.<!-- Signature -->
  15. No Subject

    I'm gonna be sick.<!-- Signature -->
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    I will own one of these one day. They are simply amazing.

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