What does it take to kill a Volvo?

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    We all know how safe Volvo cars are, but a European junkyard has decided to put it to the test by crashing, jumping and rolling the life out of an 850 wagon. While government tests use automated systems to crash new cars, the guys in this video do so with a driver behind the wheel. Aside from what looks like a safety harness and roll bar for the driver, it seems like this car is otherwise bone stock.

    Not wanting to spoil the fun for you, we'll just point out that at the start of the video, our hero car looks pretty flawless, and by the end, well, let's just say the Craigslist ad for the car would say "needs some body work."

    Click the link below to watch some stunts that even the Duke Boys might shy away from.

  2. Nice video, Now I really want Top Gear to take a stab at the Volvo 740 or 850 to see if it is tougher than that rice cooker they tested earlier.
  3. The most amazing parts were at the beginning. It destroyed 2 cars while sustaining very little damage.
  4. Belgian build quality!
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    There is a video of a Jeep Cherokee sort of similar to this. Believe it is from the UK. Original video is over 5 years old, probably one I first seen. Not a Volvo, but it is a box with wheels.

    first minute and a half is just them trail building with it.

  6. I had to take the entire dashboard out of my car today and #$%# the Swedes and the Belgians.
  7. theres an easy way to do it if you have a couple metal coat hangers bent in the right fashion.
  8. Another Volvo..maybe a tractor or a semi.
  9. If the volvo armed this never happen.
  10. don't be bitter mark
  11. Lil rhetoric never hurt anyone
  12. I imagine getting bought by Geely is going to do it.

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