What does 'Jota' mean?

Discussion in '1996 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota' started by speeddemon, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I don't know, I think it's simply the name of the upgrade made on the normal SE30s.
  2. Re: now dats wat i call a car but..............

    man, these are some nice cars, yo, but they have some tastes for colors....
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    thats what I was thinking
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    The " SE30" part means Special Edition for Lamborghini Automboile SpA 30th birthday, I have no clue what the " Jota" means though...
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    "Jota" is the name of the performance package upgrade I hear.. take a look at this custom Jota's exhaust, look carefully.
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    Come to think of it now...isn't that the same Lambo in your Avatar LamboSE30?
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    It's spanish. It is the letter "J"
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    thats cool to know, thanks for informing us. i also was wondering what it ment.
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    yeah dude thanx for the info
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    "J" in English is the same romantic character as the "J" is Spanish. "Jota" is just the way the name of "J" is pronounced in Spanish. Therefore, you're wrong.
  11. Love the color, love the performance!
  12. This or Diablo VT 6.0?
  13. This or a Murcialago?
  14. Re: This or a Murcialago?

    Although less functional and less user friendly, it's so beautiful. And it's already way more than fast enough.
  15. Re: This or Diablo VT 6.0?

    tough question. really tough.

    but I might go 6.0 because of the bitchin carbon fibre interior.
  16. Re: This or a Murcialago?

    this one any day, anywhere, any weather.
  17. Re: This or a Murcialago?

    this is better than a murcielago
  18. This or a Murcialago?

    Id take this over the murcielago too. Though i'd take the 25th anniversery countach over this...

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