What does this intimidate?

Discussion in '1998 Chevrolet Intimidator Concept' started by carolinapanther, Aug 10, 2002.

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    well, to each their own I suppose...
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    To lamboistight89

    You said,"i think dale should be remembered with a better chevy like a vette or camaro not this." They chose this car for the pure fact that Dale's Winston Cup car was a Monte Carlo. Yes, I don't like the fact that it is FWD, but I will never own one, so I don't really care.

    Also, I am not an expert in cars or racing, and I agree that all different types of racing requires different skills and abilities, but don't bash NASCAR because they drive around in a circle. I have raced my car in SCCA auto cross events and knwo a little about street/drag racing, but NASCAR is a different style of racing and involves different skills, but that doesn't mean it is easy. It it were time trials, I would agree that anyone could run it, may not win, but finish none-the-less. With 40 some cars on the same oval (and some street) courses, averaging speeds in excess of 180MPH, I will give them my respect.

    Anyway, I needed to begin venting a little. I have been reading this forum without posting and I see way too many ignorant fools in this forum. Most are probably just young kids pretending to own Ferraris and Lambos. I own a 2001 Subaru 2.5RS (US Version). I wish I could have bought a euro-spec WRX or STi, but I live in America and have to settle foor what I can get my hands on, and what I can afford.
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    Why didn't you just wait until 2002 for the US spec WRX?

    Anyway, on the plus side the RS is more tunable than the WRX, because it has more displacement and can be turbocharged with whatever Turbo you choose.

    Though the New STI that will be available in the US is just as tunable, and it comes much higher performance than the RS.

    As for Nascar, I dunno if you've ever driven 100+ km/h on a busy, snowy freeway in BC, but that takes very similar skills to NASCAR and is very easy to do.

    I'm an autocrosser/rally racer myself.
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    PP: Not to get off the subject for too long, but I didn't buy a WRX because I couldn't afford one. I was saving to buy a house... priorities suck. I am planning on modding it as soon as I get some cash, but I am content with driving it the way it is (somewhat stock) for now. I wish I could get the STi when it comes, but that is impossible. Luckily, the wife wants a C5 in the near future, so I will have my sports car.

    Anyway, I agree with you about NASCAR. If anyone saw the race last weekend, it came down to the last two laps, and two one thousandths of a second. No one can say that isn't exciting.

    It is nice to see someone one here who actually has some intelligence. I have been reading the forums for a while now, and just got so frustrated listening to people's crap that I had to sign up and try to speak my frustration.

    Thanks for listening.
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    No prob.

    True, priorities really do suck, I mean hell, here I am spending time at a computer, generally doing schoolwork just so that I can get a decent career going to ge the money to rally race, when I really should be getting a healthy start on a rally racing career.

    Er, wouldn't that mean you disagree with me, seeing as I'm against NASCAR. True though, it has its exciting moments, but in reality there's no real finesse, or style to NASCAR, just the same two straight stretches with a left curve at the end, repeated over, and over, and over, and....well, you get the idea.

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    I guess I do disagree with you. I do agree that NASCAR is repetitious, but I believe that the skills needed to race are just as necessary as in any other racing sport, but I do see where most people think that the Euro-racing is more exciting. Honestly, I can't stand to watch any race from start to finish, but I am not a huge fan of any of them, but I do give them all a high amount of respect. If anyone could race in NASCAR (or any other racing sport) than there really wouldn't be competition and there wouldn't be any means to broadcasting it. Think about football or soccer. If everyone could play as well as professionals, there probably wouldn't be anything "professional" about it, seeing that most people would be able to compete. Oh well, to each his own.

    To get back to the point of this forum, this car suites the "Intimidator" just fine. I didn't like him, I thought he was a jackass and a dirty racer, but he was one of the greatest and a true NASCAR legend. Well, til next time.
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    Yeah the actual races may not seem to be and may not be as technical as there is no real possibility of missing your downshifts or upshifts on the turns or coming in way too fast quite like a road course, the drivers are still talented. Juan Pablo Montoya and ...I can't remember which NASCAR driver, but he and a Nascar driver switched cars after their 2001 seasons and both ran in the other around tracks. Each got within 1-2 seconds of the other's lap records. Thats with no experience in that kind of car or on those tracks. So its clear A. that Montoya would need to practice although he rocks at road courses and B. that the NASCAR driver had skill in an F1 on a Road Course.
    By the way, the crews and drivers have tried to get Road Courses into NASCAR so they can use the infamous middle pedal, but the heads of it won't allow it.
    I'm not a NASCAR fan and I'm only slightly interested in F1, but if you are bored watching all the races from start to finish, you should check out stuff like June Sprints, 11-13 lap races. They're much more interesting cause people can't wait to make moves.
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    F1 blows ass they use #^#($% traction control for #$%#ing sake and that Mike what his face wins every race.Can they bump and slam in to each other at 200mph nooooooooo cause the weak bodies will fly apart into a millon peices.Also how long is a F1 race 100miles-200miles tops, if thet had to run 500 miles every week in a 120 degree cockpit they would all quit and sell used cars.And did you know that there are more lead changes in one NASCAR race than there are in one F1 season.And also there are more peaple at the Winston cup time trials they there are for an f1 race.So when you shit on the best racing
    series in the world check to see what your comparing it with first.

    By the way if want to see some intense racing watch the pepsi 400 next weekend and you will see what Im talking about.

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    this intimidates that old guy driving his 91 geo metro and nothing else.
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    im sorry, but this car doesn't do justice to dale ernhardt, i mean, they should at least give it better looks

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