what happened to the old Hemi's?!

Discussion in '2001 Dodge Super8 Hemi Concept' started by 32ford429, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. those were the meanest machines to ever set wheels on the earth! a stock hemi kills any of those foreign beefed up things. they need to bring those backa nd not that ugly lookin thing...
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    My dream car:

    -Looks like a modren curvery 1970 'cuda, except smaller, and lighter (Around 3000 lbs)
    -Full independent suspension
    -3 models, the 6 cylinder (the same 6 they use in the 300M around 250 hp N/A) with twin turbos, the Hemi (it needs to be at least 400 HP), and a Roots supercharged version of the Hemi.
    -Rear wheel drive, no frount wheel drive BS
    -Very Stiff chassi
    -And something I have wanted to see, optional sliding side doors (like a minivan) so you don't hit anyone will in a parking lot.
    -A 3.27 rear end
    -18 inch wheels

    This way it hits the rice car market with the TT and the lighter cars, while being able to compete with the Muscle with the 400 HP Hemi. And well the SC Hemi would be a fantasy, a very nice one, I guess competing with saleens, and wasting them. I doubt they would make it though, it would put a dent into the Viper market.

    A guy can dream can't he.

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    Son i agree with you. Hemis are the baddest ass machines ever made. They were such a big part of the muschle car era. I love that they are bringing them back!
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    are they bringing them back cause it's just a concept now<!-- Signature -->
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    this car is not worthy of the Hemi Badge. <!-- Signature -->
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    Hemi's went away because they were gross polutors and gas hogs. Also cost was high when manufacturing hemi heads. Were also banned from racing because they dominated. 331, 354, 392 were the early hemi's from the 50's then came the big bad ass 426 in the 60's.
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    yes i agree this don't have the right to wear the Hemi name get the engine up to 450-500 hp and then she can have the hemi name<!-- Signature -->
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    dude, this car is a damn pop can. y try to recreate the best engine ever made? if you want one that bad, just go find u a old hemi in a barn, and rebuild it, nothing will stand up to a original hemi.
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    exactly! the old hemis were the toughest cars like you said. this car would be interesting to see driving down the road, but nothing other than a hemi deserves to be called a hemi, especially this.
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    Dude... your dream car would be perfect. Every thing you mentioned (except mabe the sliding doors) are what im looking fo rin a car. What they should also do is come out some 4 door version with the same engines. They could use one around the size of the stratus with the V6TT, and then the interpid could have the hemi (leave the schemi exclusively for the charger thingy). As for the little neon, stick with the srt-4 model for the sporty one, mabe a rally version one or something with 4wd, adn then have the base one i guesse as is. Then for the top of the line, keep the viper, but offer a coupe with 550-600hp version of the V10 (one of the things i have always wanted was a hemi version of that engine, that would kick ass). So kid i share your dream, and hopefully it will come true.<!-- Signature -->
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    its just a name these are nothing like the old hemi's
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    Yeah, sadly so the old Hemis didn't get good gas milage and I donno, but does n e 1 know if the old Hemis pass emissions tests?
  13. i hate the way crysler/ dodge is marketing the hemi. almost all cars nowadays are hemi's. a toyota tundra is a hemi, but better than the "new" dodge hemi because toyota's is dohc not pushrod. also i would think that that the older hemi had more go because it was over 8 liters. not 5.7. i think it is a joke that it has taken chrysler so long to bring back the hemi, even though most other companies have been using hemi engines the whole time. idea of bringing back the hemi is just a gimmick to re capture slipping sales. ive got a question for all you hemi lovers if the hemi is so good why did it go away? it didnt for other companies, after all a lot of japanese companies have had hemi engines since the 70's. if any company made a hemi engine that was dohc and over 8 litres, it would be more fuel efficient and more powerful. when dodge makes one of those i will be happy but for now the doge hemi is just a joke.

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