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Discussion in '2001 Ford Falcon 300' started by Silas, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. FORD is American, so why don't we get all their models here? britan gets the puma and all but we dont, and they get other models we dont. why?!

    Ford might be able to make some money if they sold more cars in america
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    well these cars are made by aussies, they might import them one day, but i think that the falcon range is going to have an effect on the mustangs starting sometime in the next few years. but yeah this car i don't think was sold in australia till just recently anyways. there's a new range out now, and that wont go to america, but maybe one day they will import some into america.

    Holden, GMs company in Australia as you might know are making pontiac's GTO. they too i believe are thinking of importing to america. I believe the falcons are more similar to your crown victoria, and if they went to america, it could be a bit too similar and america will not know what the cars are like (which could be a good thing looking at the success of the AU(which i think does look good))

    I tihnk that the ba falcon will be the platform for the new mustangs in 2005, but imports would be less definate, maybe one day, i guess we'll wait at the success of the BA.
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    I read somewhere that the Americans dont like the Pontiac GTO because they feel like us Aussies are telling them how to make cars.
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    As we should, the Monaro is so much better than any car they could make and it is only a Holden
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    Well like i say their GTO wasn't good enough for HSVs
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    NissanZboy, Holden is not GM's competitor, they are GM's subsidery, but I think I know what you meant to say.

    As for the post, well I never reaised that the same thread was made twice. Well as was mentioned beofre, the falcon is too similar too crown victoria and would take sales away from the US produced products. Imagine the Tarrifs they would try to put on them.

    Ford opend shop in Europe, Australia and wherever else to make money. And to make money you need to cater for wha the market requires. Theres no point giving the poms an F350 which would take up two lanes and eat petrol which costs twice as much, or theres no point giving the yanks a car like the KA, tiny, gutless and really undesirable for such a big country.

    I hope im nto too off track.
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    I thought the KA was a yanks car... and i edited my post, yes u know what i mean, gm own holden.
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    BaRRa i do like Holdens but i would go 4 the Falcon 300 over the Monaro.. Just because i like the handling better on the fords than the holdens and a lot more.
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    The Falcon 300 would be an awesom car, and most people who can think clearly about cars would choose the 300 over th standard Monaro.

    I was saying that even as a Ford fan, I recognise the Monaro as a good car. Especially compared to some of the crap that Pontiac makes.
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    There's a lot more to this car beign better than the monaro besides hadling, look at the performance fuigures, they aren't even saying that for the GT falcon
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    NO KA is made in Europe, as far as I know they are made in the same Belgium plant as the Focus and Transits which Australia are getting.

    If the yanks get the KA I'm not too sure either. They could, but I couldnt really see that type of a car beeign successfull when they allready have the mexican produced Focus.
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    What is the MSRP on this baby? I wanna know how much this falcon costs. This is the only Ford Ive ever seen that I liked. But dang if those are the production specs, It sounds expensive. Doesn't it usually cost $50,000+ if you want a stock car that goes 0-60 in 4.5 seconds? Yeah and I don't understand all those car models you guys are talking about when you say HKS, AU, BA, KA because we don't hear about those here in America. I know the BA is the Falcon though.
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    KA is a car, AU is the old falcon. i think it'd be around 60000 US dollar ver 100,00 here, not too sure, because this falcon's only a very limited edition and i think they've jstu started to produce them.
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    Umm, GM don't OWN Holden, Holden IS GM.

    Holden's full name: GM-H (General Motors Holden). Holden is GM's Australian 'Brand'.

    GM bought out the (car) body building operation (Holden) many a year ago. (In the 50's, or maybe before, can't remember/don't care).
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    Yeha youlre a bit late mate. It was the late 40's when GM bought out Holden motor body association or something like that they were called. Holden also used to make saddles in the 1800s.

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