What I Really Think About The JSF

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  1. I'm starting to have doubts about the F-35 being the plane to replace the F-16, F-18, Harrier AV-8B, etc.

    The reason I say this is because the plane is suffering cost blowouts, which is pretty serious for a plane that was meant to be the first plane to give cost in independent variable, and delays. It is also claimed that it doesn't have enough fuel or weapons capacity for a bombing role, has a lack of supercruise, which is a must-have in nowadays for air defence, and its dogfighting ability is questionable.

    Besides, I'm not even sure if these problems are being concerned, because the main goal for this plane is to be a multirole vehichle used jointly by the Air Force, Navy, and Marines. You also have to remember that something similiar was attempted with the F-111 "Aardvark", in which it turned out to be only a decent strike aircraft in the end.
  2. As long as Canada gets their old F-18s, I'll be happy. Probably because that what I'll be flying in a number of years.
  3. the "pigs" are awesome. and apparently there having problems with there weight aswell (the JSF that is)
  4. Can you link to something about the cost over-runs? I thought the price/performance seemed pretty impressive. IMHO they would have gotten a much cheaper plane if they'd went with Boeing...

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