What in the ****?

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  1. Why tell me why this would even be a concept? All it has is plastic shit on it to look sporty and still that shitty ass engine! Oh wait, I forgot this is perfect for R!CERS! All it's missing is a 10 foot wing in the back cuz you know all that horsepower generates a lot of downforce!<!-- Signature -->
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    lol r!cers dream car lol<!-- Signature -->
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    And you forgot the speed holes!
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    actually GM owns Saturn. Think about that. not so Ricish anymore is it?
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    Just because something is American doesn't make it not ryce. I've seen ryced out Ford Focuses and Escorts and yes, even Corvettes. You can ryce any car.
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    i misspelled ryce because this forum doesn't allow you to spell it right. This board sucks ass.
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    I think that this saturn is #$%#ing dope and i think that saturn should keep going in the same direction.
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    Saturn Performance Systems has power packages for those who want to turn their Saturn into a beast. $15,000 put my '95 SL1 through the ceiling. 380 hp in a 1900 lb car is pretty amazing. I have put plenty of Corvettes to shame (only corvettes because they are the fastest street car in my town). I have also raced a 550 Maranello outside Miami and I was surpised to have won. Saturn makes well-built cars and their polymer siding is the key to their light-weight body.
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    saturn eh....who would have thought. I think I could spend my money on better things than hopping up my saturn.
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    Accordingly the term 'rice' is deemed inappropriate for use other than refering to the starchy seeds of an annual cereal grass that are cooked and used for food.-SC.NET FAQ

    lameness <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
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    Actually, the turbo kit of the SCX is a t-300 turbo, meaning 300 Whp. A Saturn owner can still get a t-400 turbo, meaning 400 whp. Now, a 400 HP 2100 pound car is pretty fast. They run in low 11's to mid 10's. Not bad for a "grocery getter" eh?
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    how does GM owning Saturn making it not ricish?
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    We all know where the term "ryce" came from, and it was not American cars. On another note, I find it funny that the two posters that posted first on here are banned!
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    nothing more than a cosmetics job...at least they could have upgraded the 124HP a little more to give this car more go than show...I don't think the tuner crowd would even touch this unless they wanted to stick a 10 foot spoiler on it, a fart pipe, and maybe a supercharger or some NOS on it...but it still wouldn't whoop the good ol American Musclecar!! btw...the biggest production spoiler on a car has to be on the new Mitsu Lancer Evo...why do they need to be that big on such an underpowered car?
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    why would you mod a saturn? why would you buy it in the first place?

    simple -

    1) they are very cheap
    2) they are very easy and inexpensive to service
    3) very reliable
    4) simple yet elegant styling
    5) for the extra 10 grand or more you spend on some sports cars you could easily get the same horsepower or more

    example -

    2002 corvette with a 5.7L V8 (LS-1 - about 335hp, about 355 ft/lbs tq)
    about $45,000
    2002 SC-2 with 1.9L I4 (about 125hp, about 115 ft/lbs tq)
    about $16,000
    add a turbo from twistec ($4000)
    increase power to 275hp, tq to 260 ft/lbs
    add a lighter flywheel and JG performance head ($1200)
    increase power to 305hp, tq to 290 ft/lbs

    many other mods to boost hp and tq
    so for less than half the price of a vette the saturn can have about 30hp less
    not bad when you someone looks at your car and say, "This guy will be slaughtered, he has a saturn!" but really, when will you ever race a vette? most likely you'll be racing the kid down the street with his semi-modified corolla (meaning intake and headers) and you'd kill him

    and when ever you think that a car will suck because a it doesn't have that much hp, remember, you probably suck at driving and you'd stall at the line, being demolished by the kid next to you with his, as you call it, "sucky-ass modified (ryced) saturn"

    and don't think i am writing this because i have a saturn and love it. i don't own a saturn, i own something a little more civilized, a little more elegant, i wont tell you what it is, just guess
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    THe skyline is a R!CER and noone complains
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    Alright, I'm new to the forum and everything, so what exactly does "ryce" or "r!ce" mean?
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    since you can't say "rice" defining the characteristics of a car, "ryce" or "r!ce" is used to substitute it.
  19. A R1cer was first used to describe the people who kept the stock engine and then add junk to the car, and then they say it beats out Porsches and Ferraris. They are called r1cers because they usually used Jap cars, hence the term r1ce, but it can be used for any car.

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