What is a Strat Plus?

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  1. I know my guitar was made in 1991 or 1992, that it's American built, and that it's a Stratocaster. It also came with a case that I'm pretty sure came with the guitar. It's injection moulded, or something. Like, it's not just a box, but it's in the shape of the guitar.

    Now it has these tuners on it that are a little different. I have no idea what they're called, nor do I know if they came stock on the guitar, or were added after. From what I can tell, American strats they sell now don't have them.

    I've heard about this "Strat Plus" thing that came out around the same time. The guy who used to own this guitar is a collector of some sort. Like, he sold this to buy a 50th Strat. He might have bought it in the first place for that reason.

    Anyways, do you guys know if this thing is a strat plus, or just a strat, or is there any way to find out? Also, what's the name of these tuners? And third, are these tuners aftermarket, or are they something that came on the strat plus?
  2. Locking tuners. The strat plus has locking tuners and lace sensors. I don't think yours has lace sensors. I don't know if that's a strat plus with different pickps, or an american standard with different tuners.

    I think it's probably the american standard though, because I think the tuners on the strat pluses I've seen have been a matte grey, and not chrome. Also, it's a lot more likely for someone to change the tuners on a standard, than the pickups on a plus.
  3. Some of them also have a hipshot tremsetter and a roller nut.
  4. You're welcome, asshole.
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