What is the best looking TVR?

Discussion in '2000 TVR Cerbera Speed 12' started by Erica Ferrari, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Sagaris and the Cerbera Speed 12
  2. You have very, very, VERY good taste.

    I also really like the Tuscan 2.
  3. the tuscan and cerbera speed 12 of course... and im willing to buy both if i had the money!
  4. Speed 12 is a Sexy least expensive supercar I ever seen
  6. I like the pre-80's styles... i.e. 2500M
  7. the sagaris
  8. the griffith actually looks pretty good too, less aggressive, but still as beautiful
  9. Here here, the Griffith is not only the finest looking TVR ever imo it is also one of the finest looking cars ever.

    Other than that the Tuscan 2 really does click with me.
  10. The Tuscan R and Speed 12 of course.
  11. sagaris is mega beast
  12. speed 12 thats the one i like. its the best tvr
  13. Sagaris for sure

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