What is this car???

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  2. And it only looks good from that angle.
  3. scan for a friend, had to dump it somewhere
  4. What cars are these? I can see Frazer Nash, obviously, but figured you guys could likely easily pin down both models.
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  6. Cool, thanks. So, if I'm understanding correctly, the car in the link is this exact car, meaning the car in my photos is a replica of that classic race car, correct?
  7. What is this?
  8. Dunno, has a similar roofline with the old GAZ-Volgas (M24) and the early prototypes of those had double headlights. This is a 4th series prototype, so maybe it's related to that. I'll look into it.
  9. Could also be an early 3102 prototype, anyway, I'd search in the Eastern bloc if I were you
  10. Nerdy thread.
  11. *gives broken some of the attention he asks for*
  12. Who knows the year?

  13. 1972?
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    I can say, with 100% certainty, that this is correct. Because I took those photos. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>


    And I'd say that it is, without question, the nicest Pantera I've seen in person. Text by Russo and Steele, where it sold for $63,800:

    "This is a Concours level complete bolt and nut restoration that was completed by a retired General Motors engineer and college automotive instructor. It is impeccably detailed everywhere inside and out with attention paid to the smallest detail. The rust free California car was stripped to bare metal and repainted with the factory correct shade of yellow. Base coat/clear coat was used for durability and quality of finish.

    The original two-pod dash was removed and a padded Hall Pantera late model dash installed. New padding and all leather was used in the seating area. The carpeting was replaced with the edges bound as original. All window channel and cat whiskers were replaced as were the rubber moldings.
    The original short block was retained with the cylinder heads ported and polished. The intake manifold is an Edelbrock F351-4V which has been smoothed and HPC coated inside and out. The carburetor is an Edelbrock 4bbl (Carter AFB.) The ignition is Ford Duraspark II with Moroso hardened drive shaft. The pipes and mufflers are GTS pieces which are also HPC coated. It has an eight quart oil pan.
    The transmission and Axles are original ZF smoothed and painted Porsche Arctic Silver and clear coated. The side and rear covers have been smoothed and powder coated. Polished stainless acorn nuts have been used throughout.

    The old undercoating was removed and re-sprayed with a thin coat of professional rubberized undercoating. The floor pan was completely rust-free and did not require any modifications. Hall jacking plates were installed in five locations utilizing button head screws. Rebuilt Koni shocks were installed and powder coated control arms with polyurethane bushings utilized. The steering rack was completely rebuilt.

    New carpet was installed in the front trunk and the brake line rerouted under the car. Both master cylinders were powder coated. An Optima deep cycle battery was installed in the polished battery box. The brake booster was painted and color sanded and the brake and clutch mounting plate polished.
    The alternator was replaced with an internal regulator unit and the case was polished. A rebuilt starter motor with heat insulating blanket was also installed. European taillights were utilized with the rear wiring harness hidden.

    The original undercoating was removed from the engine bay and the spot welded dimples filled. The engine bay was sprayed with truck bed liner and a removable cross member installed under oil pan. An aftermarket chrome adjustable chassis brace was also installed. The master cylinder is GM unit with adapter. Stainless brake hoses were used throughout. Wheels are Boyd Coddington; front 17X8 and rear 17X11 with Michellin Pilot tires.

    Powder coating has been used extensive use on virtually every bolt, nut, washer and bracket on the car. This Pantera has been driven only 4,500 miles since restoration and that was to insure proper sorting out of all systems. Extensive documentation back to the second owner in 1974 is included with the car including a copy of the window sticker and bill of lading from the ship from Italy! The third owner was Matt Stone, currently executive editor of Motor Trend Magazine and DeTomaso book author. Numerous photos of restoration and a stack of receipts documenting the restoration are also included. This Pantera was recently used in a movie titled "Kids in America" that was released in late 2010."
  15. thanks to both!
  16. Who knows, what Alpine this is?
  17. Alpine M63B
  18. thanks Moo!
  19. next question:

    What's the car in the front? some kind of Renault-Alpine Prototype?
  20. 1990 Pontiac Fiero
  21. SL Automobile (French).
  22. shiiit,
    can someone name both those two closest ones?
  23. And the other one would be a Venturi Atlantique 260 I think

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