What is this car???

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  1. Ok I find it SVC Náchod/Lotus WR
  2. 2012 dan testabcd
  3. any infos about this:

    Nash Ambassador ....? maybe 1953?
  4. 1953 Nash Ambassador Country Club
  5. That's a 1955. The 1953 model Nash had the front headlight on the front fenders, like this:
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  7. is bill rizopoulos's main and only purpose to challenge us guys on car identification?
  8. what Lotus is this?
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  10. Any idea about this interior??
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  12. Really don't know, looks custom made.
  13. I think is a German pre-war
  14. another mystery cars
  15. the second one is I think Art & Tech Sogna
  16. And the first pic is a Swiss Volkswagen prototype
  17. Yes thanks you for the respond
  18. Thank you,is not Sogna concept but you help me a lot to find it.Art & Tech Vera 1991 (porsche 928 engine)
  19. Also, this looks like a early '30 Ford model A
  20. I kind of want to say its a early 30's Essex.
  21. You're right, that's a 1931 Essex. The 1930 Essex had a round rear glass and a 1931, it's more rectangular.
    Also, the gas tank on the 1931 Essex is on the rear and on a 1930 Ford Model A, it's right between the front windshield and the engine.
  22. Thank you both guys!
  23. that V8. I guessed and he did the research.
  24. Which is the specific model and year?Please give me a link with history & pics about the car in my pictures!The hood side end & also the radiator shape is not like Essex.Thank you all!

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