What is this Zonda company??

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    Zonda is good
    and Zonda isnt the naame its the car
    I think its a guys name
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    and the companys name is PAGANI NOT ZONDA
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    Pagani is the last name of the man who builds these cars. Since Pagani was good friends with Juan Manuel Fangio, Pagani asked him what he would like to see in the car. He said that it had to be a mercedes engine, and so Pagani did that. The company Pagani is actually a faction of Modena Design, a carbon fiber fabrication company based in...Modena. That is why the body is so light weight and well constructed--modena design is on the leading edge of carbon-fiber design for the world. That's also why the cabriolet doesn't need any additional reinforcements, and can essentially be as fast as the coupe.
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    Yep. Pagani is a family-operated company located in Modena, Italy. Despite its small siz, Pagani is good enough to compete in the American Le Mans Series ( I saw it race at Sebring ). It didn't do well at the race but it was a brand new car without a single test mile to its name! I see Pagani as Europe's version of Panoz.
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    Pagani is a company based on Italy, founded by Horacio Pagani, an Argentine car designer.
    He worked some time with Lambo if i'm not mistaken, and yes, he was a close friend of Juan Manuel Fangio (the Argentine F1 racer). He did in fact design this car following Fangio's opinion of what a perfect sports car was supposed to be like, (quite a good conseglieri if u'd ask me...) and this car came up.
    The name... originally was supposed to be named Fangio, but since Juan Manuel's death Horacio decided to change it to Zonda: A powerful wind from the Argentine region of Cuyo (near the Andes mountains).
    Hope that helps...
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    I just love this car.... and that makes me wonder...
    Can anybody explain me why aren't there any Argie car companies???? It just doesn't make sense... with designers like that!
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    its Pagani dumb@#^*
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    because argentina doesnt have the money... companies like lamborghini, bugatti, pagani and even ferrari hardly ever register any profit and thats why they are constantly struggling for survival. ARgentina cant afford that, thats why argentinian designers go to italy and germany
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    zonda is italian, and it doesnt kik ass in gt3, CUZ! it cant be modified!!! but the skyine gtr r33 after modification can kik zonda paganis ass
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    hmm maybe its a guys name just like mercedes benz, but zonda is an extremley odd name!!
  11. Zonda is an Argentinian word, nad look at Dr. Absinto's post. He's got it. and The company itself if Pagani, which is Argentinian!

    and why are you talking about gt3? The game has got nothing on it.
    Games tell you jack squat!

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