What kind of car is this?

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  1. I found it on englishrussia. It was in a thread about russian cabriolet cars.
  2. must be a Russian cabriolet car.

    I'll have a look on the internets for you if you can post pics of your non american cars for me.
  3. I sold the 944. Only have the supras, bmw, and the VW. I only have pics of the supras on my puter right now since I recently upgraded and didn't transfer files. The one on the far right is the turbo. I'm selling the 2 on the left. The black one needs a new head because it is missing the cams, cam main caps, etc, and already have a buyer. And the other is just a parts car with the motor locked up.

    Edit: Sorry for the fuel tanks. Not a single one of them had a decent fuel pump. And the VW is what the sand rail started life as.
  4. I'm looking for ifo on that car and all that I have found so far is that it might be a concept car produced by ZiM (Zavod imeni Molotova).

    Other than that, I came across this on a classic car site:

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  5. It's the 1939 ZIS 101 A Sport.
    One was made, current location/status is unfortunately unknown.

    2-door, 2-seat roadster body designed by Valentin Rostkov.
    6,06-liter, R8, petroleum with 2 carburettors, 141hp at 3300rpm.
    3-step, manual.
    Wheelbase - 3750mm,
    Length - 5750mm,
    Weight - 2000kg.
    162 km/h

    Developed by three young engineers from ZIS development department - Vladimir Kremenetski, Nikolai Pulmanov and Anatoli Puhalin. Using heavily modified engine from ZIS 101.
    Maximum speed reached by the car was 168 km/h, but was not registered, as it was done unofficially. Stated above 162 km/h (162,4 km/h) speed was reached in 1940. Actually, engineers were trying to reach 180 km/h, but the development stopped, as in 1940 the director of ZIS factory has changed, and the new one didn't need the 101 A Sport.
    The car was a one-off, and no one knows its exact history. It could become crap somewhere at the factory, but some say that the green roadster was seen somewhere in 1960's.

    Article is from October 17th 1938, containing a sketch from V.Rostkov.
  6. Picture set 2.

    Won't let me upload more pics in the same post...

    EDIT: Looks like that's it for me... forgot about the ridiculously stupid 10 posts a day thing.
  7. thanks a lot man, where did you find this?
  8. what kind of car you say?
    a crap one
  9. Seems to be a car

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