What kind of voluntary work you do

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  1. I don't do much, some presentations for students in high school about technology-related career path and job mentoring

  2. Workman's Comp adjuster for a couple years. First job out of college. Nothing special, but it is interesting. Work with large corporations and attorney's to handle more complex files.

    Not sure how long I want to do this though. Just need to get some experience.
  3. I replied but didnt see volunteer. I dont volunteer, but want to. I've been looking into being a driver for disabled veterans to drive to and from their appointments. I just need more time over the weekends and get a more comfortable car.
  4. volunteer work doesn't pay
  5. did some in the summer for a pro tournament that came to our golf club ...
  6. I've been too busy with work work in the past 6 months to do anywhere near as much as I'd like to. Still have a bit to do with a couple of organisations in Nepal, though. A little bit of design work/idea bouncing around for a friend setting up a fashion label there, and a bit of IT/social-media-y stuff for another. Need to get back over there and commit to much more of a time investment.
  7. I haven't done volunteer work since senior year of high school when the Jesuits running the school gave us no-class Mondays in the last semester but required us to do some form of community service. I went and tutored at an elementary school, was fun as the kids were easy to get along with.
  8. None at the moment.
    Trying to build up an inventory of houses that will hopefully provide enough of an income eventually to allow my wife and I to travel overseas and do voluntary work (aswell as holiday). Many years off though.
    For now we're just sticking with our sponsor children if that counts.
    Just had some friends effectively retire, and move to Sri-Lanka, living off an interest account. Gonna visit them within the next year or 2 and see what the setup is there...
  9. Help with a local charity for kids.
  10. housewife
  11. None directly but I help out a lot my dad and brother, dad is treasurer of the Volunteer Bushfire Brigade for our area, and my brother is the ex-captain (but he's pretty much still captain considering the new captain is useless). I mostly help out with small admin type crap. I don't want to join up properly to the brigade. Fires are scary.
  12. but fireman are so hunky
  13. I volunteered at the A1 Grand Prix event when it came to Sydney doing work in media accreditation. Awesome fun getting all areas access.

    Also did volunteer work with indigenous communities for 2 weeks in Fiji and 2.5 months in Guyana. It's an underrated and awesome way to travel. Cheap, and you get to do things totally impossible on regular tourist holidays. Edit: and also meet chicks. On the Fiji trip there were 36 chicks and 4 dudes. Too easy.
  15. Before I got sick I volunteered at a hospital in the radiology department, probably why I'm sterile now, also volunteered at various child disease functions, also used to have my company sponsor me and run 5ks... I miss all that
  16. How does one volunteer at a radiology department?
  17. You people are all much better people than me
  18. I have done nothing lately, but before I was a volunteer ski patroller (got a free pass out of it) and I volunteered at a bunch of running and tri races (Was on the board of directors for one).

    Basically I looked at it as giving back, I enjoy doing those things so I was giving back because if people did not volunteer at the races for me, then I would not be able to enjoy them when I ran in them or went to the ski hill as a user of the resort.
  19. donating sperm all over the place
  20. really slumming it there
  21. tell me about it ... thinking of donating my software to a college to get it in young peoples hand early ...does that count ... thats more like charity ..
  22. So they learn on it, get accustomed to it, graduate, and get their employers to buy it.

  23. I volunteer for an organization that gives horse rides to disabled kids and young adults; mostly mentally disabled. I'm there a minimum of 10 hours per week, in addition to the 55 hours a week that I work, plus school when I go. Not this semester though, I need a little break. I do this for the love of the animals and not the kids, who make me uncomfortable. I do random things like tacking, grooming, making sure they have clean water(since the property owners don't), training the horses to do what's wanted of them. I also do random repairs here and there, and fabricate things at work occasionally.

    I also have my horse there, which makes me that much more happy when I'm there. I love these animals more than anything.

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