What makes BMW special?

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  1. BMW has become in the past years the greatest engine developer in the car industry, and i'm talking about making the most powerful or fastest cars...i am talking about real engineering. BMW gets the most aout of its engines without the need of putting big displacements on them or installing turbochargers and/or superchargersm, the HP/Litre tells us about the fine and precise engineering that is what distinguish BMW, so next time you dare comparing a cheap jap car with these precious think about what it would be if you take the blowers out of the jap or put one on the M3. Want to compare cars? do it considering displacement and the kind of aspiration, dont mix different leagues it is just plain stupid.<!-- Signature -->
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    great engines and everything, but the design and image is something to definitly work on <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
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    I think their design is something they should also be proud of, since there's nothing around that looks like a bmw, except for mitsubishi and lincoln ls, BMW is definitely a car for those who don't want their cars look like a cheap jap cover...<!-- Signature -->
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    ehh if u wanna talk about hp/liter... take a look at the s2000... it has 120hp per liter.. more than the m3. And also there are virtually no japanese cars with turbos or superchargers in them today.. and u would have to be crazy to put a turbo onto an m3 as it already has such high compression. There are ALOT of e46 m3's that have had their engines blown even without forced induction.. think of the amout of stress you would put onto the engine if u turbocharged it. Haha.. and u must be smoking some good shit to think that mitsubishi's and lincoins look like bmw's... ???.. what's with that?... It's true that alot of japanese cars don't have the luxury and refinement of a bmw.. but u can't say that they are all inferior to bmw's. There are many that are nicer and faster. Hey, i love the e36 m3, and don't have anything at all against bmw's.. i even drive one.. it's just retards like u thinking "nothing else compares", that ruin the marque.
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    I think the M3's engine alone makes BMW special. It's all very well to say that the S2000 has more power/litre, but can they repeat that with the NSX? No way. The most I've seen from a standard NSX is around 240kW. For a car its price, that's nowhere near good enough. Hell, for the price of an NSX I could have my M3 and have enough left over to actually maintain the thing!
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    What's wrong with BMW's image???
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    Soo true, The new designs that Chris Bangle has done are much too over the top. But what makes BMW special is like everyone said it's there engines. BMW has been producing great engines like the 3.5L I-6's (The Big 6's) and of course the 3.2L I-6 used in the current M3's. And who can forget the 2.2L I-4 used in the orginal E30 M3's. BMW has been a forerunner of great engine designs for years.
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    hey hey hey!!! whats up with the german vs jap crap?! they are both great cars, german and jap cars kick ass, besides we should be teaming up, japs and germans agenst those crappie american cars!
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    High-performance cars.....BMW M-Cars, Mustangs, WS6, Firehawks, Camaro SS, Dodge Viper ACRs, all TVRs, all Porsche Turbos, Lotus Esprit V-8s, Panoz Roadsters, Ferraris ------- all of these are proof that God is real, and he loves us car-nuts more than can be measured.
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    Well, I would hope that like every other thread in this website this doesnt turn into another "this is better than that" thread. There are a great many cars out there. One will always try and be better than the other. But without any comparisons, BMW's are automotive materpeices. I talk to an unusual amount of people that don't like them, usually they are wives of under-acheiving husbands, but for whatever reason they don't like them. And their reasoning? Nothing. They never have a reason. Or they begin to muster something and just trail off. BMWs are beautiful vehicles. Absolutly. When people say they have no personality, or just don't like them, theres no reason in arguing. Because if your someone that likes automobiles, I don't know whats not to like about a beautiful, luxurious automobile that handles, and rides better than many cars out there, and has some of the most potent, powerful, and efficient engines, and only gets admired for best engine or best car for it's givin class and comparrison tests in various magizines each year. The fit and finish, smoothness, everything. They do not slack off in half of the areas that American car companies do, i.e.-my ford mustang. I just think they are awsome automobiles. That's my story and im stickin to it.
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    BMW's are nice but my biggest problem with them is not the company itself, but the people who claim that there is no other car that should be put in the same category. When I look at a vehicle, I look at the whole package, and from talking with several owners, the biggest issue is reliability. Sure, compared to few Japanese companies and virtually all American, they're built like a Swiss watch but at over 30 grand, I expect it to be at least on par with Lexus, Acura, or Infiniti and they're a step behind. I've driven a few Bimmers and I have alot of respect for the company, but I can already think of one car I'd rather take over a 3-series or M3, and that's the G35 Coupe. Roomier and more powerful, I don't need a car to throw into corners at 60 mph, just one that'll cut em sharp enough and the Infiniti does just that. The 3-series was a tad firm compared to the G35 as well. Like I said, I'm not bashing BMW in any way, but it's getting tiring to hear some of their fans refusing to acknowledge that there are other cars on the road that compete with the brand very well.

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