What Mods have you done to your car?

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by Ferrarista01, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. The only non-stock item on my car is the exhaust that one of the previous 2 owners fitted. I want to do more to it, but I want to sell it more so I'm leaving it as it is.
  2. 93 corrado SLC

    Euro lights
    Audi TT wheels /w pirelli shoes
    Slammed on Supersport cup kit
    Rieger Eyebrow
    FK Badgeless grill
    Samco cooling hoses w/ upgraded cooling system

    04 z stock

    forgot my Turn 2 CAI
  3. I'm really likin' that corrado.

    I need some money before I start doing stuff, but my car already has a CAI and 3 inch exhaust with h-pipe and flowmasters with no cats.
  4. My '93 RX-7:

    SR Motorsports Cold Air Intake Box (ditched the Apex'i hot air intake)
    Peter Farrell Supercars intercooler/duct
    Knightsports Sequential twin turbos
    Racing Beat 3" downpipe
    RX7Store.net high flow cat
    Racing Beat 3" dual tip exhaust
    APEX'i Power FC standalone EMS
    550cc primary injectors
    1300cc Mazda Competition secondary injectors
    Mazda Cosmo fuel pump
    Koyo Racing Radiator
    Brand spanking used rear differential with 43k miles on it
    Exedy stage 1 clutch

    Tein Flex coilovers (need to get the car corner-weighted now)
    Suspension Techniques front sway bar
    Racing Beat rear sway bar
    Racing Beat sway bar mount brace
    M's front strut bar
    Front Brembo cross drilled rotors
    Blitz Technospeed Z2 wheels - 18x9 front, 18x10 rear
    Toyo Proxes FZ4 tires - 225/40/18 front 275/35/18 rear (MUST CHANGE)

    Interior/Exterior styling modifications:
    Stock '93 spec front lip
    clear corner/side marker lights
    Autometer boost gauge on A-pillar
    Alpine CD/MP3/iPod head unit
    Speedworks aluminum shift knob

    Coming modifications:
    Steve Kan tuning and 3 more psi of boost (350+rwhp shouldn't be a problem)
    New, good tires that aren't shite
    SuperPro replacement bushings, whenever they come out
    Rear Trailing arms
    Rear Toe Links
    Delrin rear differential bushings
    Rebuild all 4 brake calipers on a slow weekend
    Bride Pros seats (red - only bucket seat that matches the interior)
    Get a set of stock wheels or cheap lightweight used ones to put track tires on
    If I start noticing brake fade on the track I'll get a Stoptech 13" kit and RZ rear brakes (this is assuming I start dealing cocaine)
  5. ok i'll post them on friday on this page because im out of town and i need to scan them.
  6. only painted the brake calipers red...(yes i know, rice blabla)...
  7. 996C2 - stock
    V70R - stock
    Scirocco - The roof is stock along with the floor pan.

    Much easier to write my list this way.
  8. Tinted windows.
    Also, increased it's overall awesomeness by ownership alone.

    I'm going to wait until it's mostly paid off before dropping money into mods. But I would like to get a GMM rippershifter and a full stainless exhaust for it, with new heads and a mild cam to follow that.

    Edit: I've also installed a resistor into the CAGS solenoid so the ECU doesn't lock my transmission into a 1->4 upshift during light acceleration.
  9. to modify my car would be a crime
  10. And your car is?...
  11. No really. There is new legislation in the UK, Ireland I think, that outlaws car modifications. It really would be a crime there.
  12. Ronin, I still think you should give me your Corrado. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

    My 1987 GTI 16V (yes, it originally came with the 1.8 16V):

    Exterior: factory lighted rear spoiler from later GTI, later A2 bumpers, Dual round (four round lights) grille/headlight setup with relayed 80/100W H4's and 100W H3's, later A2 doors

    Interior: Recaro front seats from Jetta GLI, rear seat and headliner upholstered to match. Relocated stereo to center console and added oil pressure, oil temp, and volt gauges to the radio slot.

    Engine, Trans & Exhaust: 2.0 16V from later A2, Schrick 268 cams, Extrude Honed head, Catco high-flow cat, Autotech cat-back exhaust, fuel enrichment module, K&N air filter

    Suspension, Wheel & Tire: Suspension Techniques springs, Neuspeed sway bars, Eibach front strut tower brace, Eurosport rear tower brace, König Diva 16x7 wheels, Hankook Ventus tires (for now), Corrado G60 front brakes

    Future: ~350 hp via a T3/T04E and ABA bottom end

    My wife's 1998 Passat 1.8T (no pics, sorry):

    Engine: K&N drop-in filter

    Exterior: I have some Audi S4 wheels waiting to go on, then this spring, I'll probably do the H&R sport springs with Bilstein dampers kit from parts4vws.com.
  13. My new toyota will get sound system mods in december. i dont plan on changing wheels, suspension or making it any quicker yet.
  15. Not too shabby. I miss mine.
  16. that's pretty terrible
  17. 1989 Vette: Intake, Chip, Exhaust. Coming up is a cam, maybe a flywheel. But i may just get the cam. Possable head work may come up so that way if i get more air going through the thing, it will actaully help.
  18. a bedmat, convert-a-ball, and 4 pin wire harness
  19. i need mo money
  20. Suspension, Tires, Exhaust, Gearing
  22. 106 rallye (1.3)
  23. I can also add

    Ingalls Camber Kit
  24. Get some chrome Zr1s.

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