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  1. I am curious as to what this car can do. It has more hp than a 89 camaro with a 350.<!-- Signature -->
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    It's a piece let's leave it at that.<!-- Signature -->
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    i just got the car and driver featuring this car today it does 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and the 1/4 in 13.2 secondsbut that is the estimated performance
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    Actually those times are off the real concept car, this car is really that fast!!!!!! Take that Honda, Toyota and this can even beat Sabaru!!!!!! No more WRX as quikest little cars, now Poncho has it and it actually looks freagin sweet,it has new/old look, not a girly look, I mean the main mistake of the other "sports cars" out is the fact they have teeny wheels, check out these american badass rims.
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    Do we have any idea how much it will cost and will it hit production, I don't start getting my motor trend for another month, same with my car and driver, and I havne't had a chance to the bookstore yet either.
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    There is a large article in Popular Science about this car. It was created in just 4 months which is half the time they usually spend on creating a concept car. They brought it to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and AutoWeek gave it its Best in Show rating.....Bob Lutz (ex BMW, chrysler, ford executive) joined GM last September with big plans. He wanted to pull Pontiac out of its reputation of being an ugly car (look at the Aztek) with little power, so they came up with this beauty, instead of desigining new parts using pre-used parts from other GM cars....The engine was designed by Wheel to Wheel, a company which specializes in creating concept car engines....
    Pontiac is planning on releasing this car in its 2005 lineup for a reasonable price of $20,000.<!-- Signature -->
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    There have been no actual tests done on this car (with their only being one - i doubt Bob Lutz would even let anyone else start it's engine!

    Currently i've heard that they are giving this thing a 50/50 chance on making production - i hope so! If they do bring it to reality, my guess is they will make both a supercharged and non-supercharged versions.

    If it happens, i'll be waiting outside my pontiac dealer to order the first one they get!
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    Actually they are not tryinf to release it in 2005 for $20k, they managed to set the base price to $14k and they're trying to get it out by the end of this year. Lets hope they do cause DAMN! thats a nice price.<!-- Signature -->

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