What single add-on makes your car the fastest?

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by MooSquad, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. that doesn't just mean this thread, this means forever.
  2. Actually I was not kidding in my post.

    Excluding the benefit of what decals provide I would then have to say tires. This is dependant on how the car is already setup and what type of course.
  3. Thats what i was thinking. Its not funny when your the 20th person to say it, it shouldnt even be funny to yourself.
  4. I'm dead serious.
  5. Seriously this is ridiculous. Everyone knows putting a type-R sticker on your car makes your car an unbeatable street racing beast, fact.
  6. You are all wrong......you have to have the type-R sticker, WITH the NOS sticker.......thats how you win races.
  7. get nos-stickers and burn some rubber!!
  8. Moo Squad, how could you forget about the ad on that makes your car go even FASTER than stickers? You completely forgot about BIG WINGS!!!!!
  9. everybody knows that its none of wats on the poll but painting ur car red!
  10. Red W/ a HUGE WING!
  11. The best thing you can do is definately an HRE sticker. lowers rotating drivetrain mass by at LEAST 80 lbs, giving you better breaking, accel, and top speed of course. duhh
  12. Turbochargers. Duh.
  13. Why doesn't this thread just die?
  14. Yellow, Dumbass....

    Yellow = performance. it has been proven
  15. If you make the color yellow negative.. doesn't the color of your Volvo appear then all of a sudden?
  16. Its plain and simple the worlds fastest and best handling car is

    1989 Ford Tempo ///M GT-IR AMG GLT
    With A campbell soup can stuck to the muffler for wicked cool sound
    a black light from Wal-M@rt screwed to the chassis
    10 NOS stickers 6 Koni 4 Bilstien and three HKS stickers
    With a cardboard Spoiler glued to the trunk

    And thats just the way it is everybody who thinks their Ferraris and Lambos, Mclarens and M.B., Vettes and Vipers are fast better watch out man this kid will kill ya.
  17. Definately stickers.
  18. yea......stickers own any other add on, except mabye the really loud exhaust tip.
  20. hahahahaha
  21. best thread 4 ever!! BTW, Red may be faster, yellow may give you more power, but then BLACK... wich other color makes you invisible in dark?? And, abs,esp,airbag and 16 V stickers are great also!
  22. hahahahahaha
  23. I would've chose NOS but superchargers make it go faster.
  24. You know, my sister is afraid of stickers...

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