What was the oldsmobile i saw

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by FerrariKing, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. it was an early car.. like 60's 70's.. maybe 80's. umm like a 350z in shape. how the roofline flowed all the way to the rear.
    the front had square headlights, 2 on each side.
    oh and the rear lights was a strip across the back.

    oh and was a 2 door coupe.

    cheers thanx
  2. Toronado?
  3. 1967 Olds Toronado.
  4. yeah, sounds like a toronado
  5. nah guys.. it was smaller than that. like i said.. it was sorta like the 350z or a porsche in that the roofline flowed round to the back of the car
  6. Are you sure it was an olds?
  7. Perhaps it was a Buick Riviera?
  8. now that woudl make some sense...
  9. Might be a Starfire.
  10. 71 Rivieras with the boattail rear end is PIMP!
  11. It may have been a starfire.
  12. you're late
  13. oh, you can be deleted, and then i will be first...biatch.
  14. Me=owned
  15. indeed, but you get props for realizing this.
  16. those boattail Rivieras are IMO the best ones. They look like they have a roofline similar to the C2 Sting Rays. Post '63 that is.
  17. thats the one... the starfire... it was red and in mint condition.. looked ok.

    what are they like?

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