What was your last beer/booze puchase?

Discussion in 'Wheelman's Website Forum' started by Wheelman, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. i'm jealous.

    i'm now drinking a good hertog jan.
  2. Nyquil...one bottle...it has alcohol in it.
  3. I love Nyquil.
  4. I love it as well. It is fantastic.
  5. 1 x kilkenny
    2 x palm
    1 x warsteiner(firs time i tried it, it's allright)
    1 x hertog jan
    2 x duvel
  6. I had Groene Duvel for the first time last night. It's pretty rare and you can only get it at bars close to the brewery (which is like 9 km's from where I live).

    Groene = Green. Well the beer hasn't got a green color it's just the name. It comes in 25cl bottles and is only 7,5% instead of 8,5% like the normal Duvel. It tastes a lot softer but you can taste it's related to the normal Duvel. It also drinks a lot faster than a normal Duvel. Overal it was definitely good.
  7. I got my hands on some Aventinus for the first time in a while. God I love that stuff.
  8. Where did you get that?
  9. More a gift than a purchase, but I just drank a Palm Royale. Let's say I wouldn't pay the extra dimes over a Palm Speciale, which is basically just as good.
  10. I like both in their own way, I think they taste quite different.
  11. i think palm royale is great.

    drinking bavaria right now. leftover from last night lulz.
  12. Case (6) of Alexander Keiths

    I just had the craving for it, rather odd.
  13. i tried out some new stuff last night:

    deugniet - bland taste
    gresu des trolls or something - kinda tastes like duvel, good stuff
    chesse du bourgogne or something - awesome fruit tasting beer
    dikke mathile - one of the most disgusting beer ever made
    witte ros - good hoegaarden-esque beer
  14. LCBO. I picked up a bunch because it never seems to be in stock at the ones I go to.
  15. Two pitchers of Alexander Keiths Pale Ale.

    I heard that a pub in town offers 1litre glasses of Warsteiner. I want to go.
  16. You'll have to drink it fast, or half of your beer will be WARM!

  17. 24 pack of Moosehead
  18. Two (15) of Alexander Keiths. 1.14litre of Dark Rum. 1litre of Peach Schnapps. (8) of Kokaness Gold.

    Camping trip.
  19. (6) of Guinness Extra Stout
  20. oh yeah whatever you do, never try superbock.
  21. Superbock Nero is good. Superbock normal is shit.

  22. never heard of it. i only had superbock on holliday, it was awful.
  23. lowenbrau and duvel
  24. 16 litres of wine.
  25. 12 pack of Alexander Keiths Amber Ale.

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