What would be a good competitor?

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  1. I would say something like an Enzo ferrari.
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    The Fast&Furious Supra - 800 bhp and 220 mph...
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    bullshit. the fast and the furious supra has 500 some odd horsepower has a top speed of 180 mph. it does 0-60 in the fourish range and the quarter mile in the 12 second range. it was made mainly for looks not speed and has never been driven hard. your an idiot get out and shut up.
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    800bhp sry to wreck your dream car but it was only a single turbo....and had very few parts on it VERY FEW and was mad only for show....
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    Good competition would be The Blitz Supra
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    Car Details:

    Owned by Craig Lieberman Director of N.I.R.A. Import Drag Racing Series

    ENGINE/PERFORMANCE: Turbonetics T-66 ball bearing turbo, Q-trim compressor, built by Performance Factory

    Turbonetics Delta II Wastegate

    RPS Stainless steel/HTC coated custom header

    100 HP Nitrous Oxide System, by NOS

    AEBS Turbo Downpipe

    Greddy front mount intercooler

    Greddy Power Extreme exhaust system

    Greddy Pro-Fec B Boost Controller

    Greddy Power Pulleys

    Greddy Oil Cooler Kit

    Greddy Turbo Timer

    Greddy Boost, EGT, Oil Pressure and Water Temp gauges

    Greddy Airinx Intake

    Greddy steering wheel-mounted boost remote control

    Greddy Cam Gears

    APEXi Blowoff valve

    HKS Vein Pressure Converter

    HKS Graphic Control Computer

    HKS Injector Pulse Monitor

    G-Force Engineering Racing ROM

    Hose Techniques Silicone hose kit

    Clutchmasters Stage III Racing Clutch

    Clutchmasters 11 lb. Billet Flywheel

    Powerhouse Racing ported/polished throttle body (traction control delete)

    Powerhouse Racing cylinder head work (port/polish)


    Lamborghini Diablo Candy Pearl Orange Paint, by Quigley’s in Lake Forest, Ca.

    Bomex Front spoiler

    Bomex side/rear skirts

    TRD Composite Hood

    APR Aluminum bi-plane rear wing


    Yokohama AVS S1 285/30 and 255/35/19 (nineteen’s!!)


    Dazz/Racing Hart M5 Tuners, 19 incher’s


    Stillen/AP Racing 14” front racing brakes, 6 piston caliper, w/slotted/drilled rotors


    Stitchcraft Viper blue suede upholstery

    Brand NEW!! Sparco Pista Racing seats (15lbs.), custom matching fabric w/harness holes Carbon-fiber dashtrim by Trimmasters

    MFS Custom built roll cage

    Sparco Steering Wheel

    Sparco Harnesses


    Eibach coil-over suspension

    Eibach sway bars

    Energy Suspension urethane bushings all around


    Gertrag Six-Speed gearbox with Stillway sequential adapter


    Clarion VRX8271 in dash TV/CD Changer controller, remote controlled

    Clarion VMA6481 6” wide screen 2nd TV monitor in passenger airbag

    Clarion VMA9181 5.5” 3rd TV monitor in trunk area

    Clarion DSP9300 Digital Sound Processor, parametric EQ/Surround sound

    Clarion CDC 635 CD Changer

    Clarion SRS 1691 6 œ” separates

    Image Dynamics 6” separates

    2 Image Dynamics 12” woofers

    2 Phaze Audio TD1500 Tube Driver amplifiers

    1 Phaze Audio TD475 Tube Driver amplifier

    Sony Playstation 1

    Sony Playstation 2/DVD

    Custom built electric-blue neon tubes for sound system back-lighting

    Minolta 6450 VHS-C Camcorder

    about 700hp with the nitrous and it has been put to use.
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    i know nice nice lil package that could beat this blitz r34. it comes in the form of an evo 6. now yes you may say "oh but skylines tune to considerably more power than evos and what have you. i aint saying evos are the best, well yes i am becuase i have one of the many gsr 5's out there. but i read an article in a mag wich astonished me and find it hard to beleive any skyline keeping up with it. a company from sweden i think it is developed an evo 6 from scratch. cant quite remember the doings on the car but it pumped a mighty 780 bhp i tink and arite not the 1000bhp skyline way but the remakable thing was how the evo put all of that power on the road. 0-60 times at a constant 2.9 ish and a 1/4 mile of 8.2. now that was some car which would compete with skylines anyday. alos the quality of evos is the way they handle corners. i betaround twisty tracks, evos would have skylines for brekkie <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    I don't believe that a Evo 6 can do the 1/4 mile in 8.2s with ~780hp. It's just not possible.
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    with 780HP you will get low 9's, no better.
    also the fastest 4 cylinder 4WD car is the DSM Eclipse Talon, which does 8.875, so no, this evo does not do 8.2.

    and with a quarter time of 8.2, you will be doing a hell of a lot better than 2.9 to 60, so you sir are firstly an idiot, and secondly full of sh.it

    the fastest GTR does 7.671 by the way, so its a long way off that. its 60 foot time was 0.8 seconds @ 81.2MPH, which means its doing 0-60 in about 0.5 secs, so there is no way that lancer could be 2.4 secs off the 60 time but only 0.6 secs off the quarter time.
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    Re: What would be a good competitor?

    The EVO6 in this discussion has defenitely run no 8.2, more like 10.2 (not sure exactly but a mid to low ten at least).
    It was built by the swedish tuning company Prospeed and has by now probably got about 600-700bhp after the latest modifications. But it's a private person who owns it and has worked up all the money for it on a regular job.
    You can read more about the car and see pictures at www.prospeed.se or www.jrm-racing.se

    btw: what's the deal with calling people names on a discussion forum? what's the point with that?
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    i have a hard time beleaveing that any car can do 0-60 in .5 secs. don't get me wrong, i love skylines. they're good shit. i'm going to get one in a few months. i also agree that the evo would have like a 10 sec 0-60. they are not the best cars in the world like that dumdass said. he was full of crap. but to answer to question that this tread was created for: a good competitor for this car would be anything in it's time class. it does have a heavy engine so that would reduce it's handleing in the turns but it just means that the race would be better to watch.
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    You cannot equalize 2 cars because they've got the same motorpower.
    For example the Honda NSX doesn't need as much power as a Corvette to hang around a difficult track at the same time.
    Actually a standars NSX hangs off a standard or slightly tuned C5 at most tracks.

    And the Skyline R34 has pretty impressive handling, and don't think any less of a special built like this one.
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    The Honda Raybrig NSX or VeilSide Supra.
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    Fast$Furious Supra didn't have 800 horsepower and it didn't go 220 mph. It only had a little over 500 hp and it's top speed was 185 miles/hr nutcase.
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    I think that Gembala GTR 650 would be good. it tops 200+ miles/ht and boosts 650 horsepower.

    Below you see my 650 GTR
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    to have a 4 cilinder run 8.2, you need to actually do a little engine swap with a lambo or McLaren which i don't think anyone will want to do because both of those are better than your damn EVO 6 which probably doesn't exist. Quote this if you agree.
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    no way man... that thing is too cheap and slow to compete with Gembala GTR 650! you think it will compete with this GTR?
    sorry dude, Enzo gotta go.
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    My favorite Porsche is Porche 959

    ANd Im an American Muscle car FAN!!

    V8s all the way!
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    Re: What would be a good competitor?

    There is one car that can definatly beat it hands down.


    Check out the specs:

    Simon Thornton-Norris
    +44 (0) 1249 712024
    +44 (0) 1249 712071
    Engin Mods:
    Engine - Mitsubishi 4G63 4 Cylinder 16 Valve

    Engine Dyno - 807 Hp & 647Lbft (2.2 Bar)
    621.2 Hp At The Hubs (So Far)
    548.7 LbFt At The Hubs (So Far)
    Vehicle Weight 1440Kg (Dry With Driver)
    0-60Mph - 2.79 So Far (Road Tyres)
    0-100Mph - 5.99 So Far (Road Tyres)
    1/4 Mile - 10.1 Secs @ 139 Mph
    Top Speed - 202 Mph
    ND Boot Mounted Aluminium Fuel Tank
    ND Boot Mounted Water Injection Tank
    Twin Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps
    Twin Dash 8 Fuel Regulators
    Twin Post Filters
    Twin Pre Filters
    Dash 8 Full Fuel Lines
    Modified HKS Fuel Rail
    700cc Primary Injectors
    700cc Secondary Injectors
    JUN Racing Inlet Manifold (80mm Throttle)
    ERL Water Injection System
    Motec M800 Pro Management
    ND Full Vehicle Wiring Loom
    Individual Cylinder EGT
    4 Bar TTE Map Sensor
    ND Bespoke Exhaust With Titanium Rear Silencer
    HKS Cam Pulleys
    ND Valve Spring Kit
    ND Race Camshafts
    JUN Titanium Retainers
    ND Solid Lifters
    ND Racing Cylinder Head
    Undisclosed Valve Sizes
    Undisclosed Static Compression
    HKS Metal Head Gasket
    ARP Head Stud Kit
    Tomei Engine Stud Kit
    ND GT Spec Forged Piston Kit
    JUN Stroker Kit (Not Pistons)
    ND Modified Sump
    ND Special Full Turbine Kit (Undisclosed Turbo)
    ND Oil Cooler Kit
    HKS 103mm Thick Drag Intercooler Kit
    ND 3" Intercooler Pipes
    Ralliart Racing Thermostat
    Ralliart Racing Radiator Cap
    Samco Water Hoses
    Carbon Air Box With K&N Air Filter
    Ralliart Earthing System
    Ralliart HT Leads
    NGK Racing Spark Plugs
    Cusco Catch Tank
    Plus Lots Lots More!

    Interior Mods:
    Carbon Bonnet
    C-West Front Bumper
    Auto Produce Boss Carbon GT Spoiler Blade
    Stack Dash 8130P
    Motec PLM Display
    ERL Water Injection Flow Gauge
    Willans 4 Point Harness'
    Clear Rear Lights
    T45 Half Roll Cage

    Chassi Mods:
    ND Full Vehicle Graphics
    Proflex Suspension
    Cusco Three Point Front Strut Brace
    Cusco Carbon Rear Strut Brace
    Cusco Pillowball Top Mounts
    Cusco Front Antiroll Bar
    Cusco Rear Antiroll Bar
    Ralliart Master Cylinder Support
    Cusco Suspension Cradle
    Uprated Suspension Bushes
    Uprated Rear Diff Bushes
    ND Gearbox
    ND Twin Plate Push Clutch Kit
    76 Racing Lubricants

    Brake Mods:
    AP Racing Front Brakes 6 Pot 330mm
    Brembo Rear Brakes With Greenstuff Pads
    R600+ Racing Brake & Clutch Fluid
    Mintex F4R Carbon Front Pads

    Wheel Mods:
    8 X 18" Alloy Wheels
    Toyo Proxes 235/40/18

    8 X 18" Compomotive Alloy Wheels
    Dunlop Supersport Race 235/40/18

    Sound Mods:

    A Long Time!


    If u dun belive mi, check out it's website:

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    My shotgun could beat this car!
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    u dont like saleen s7 or 360? man thats sad 360 is very beautiful! Well Ill take a Ford Gt over this skyline! I dunno if Ford Gt will beat it(probably not!)but Lingenfelter will sure as hell beat it!!
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    There is a Company in England Called RC Developments which have a and Evo with 930bhp +673lb/ft. Check the Web site www.rcdevelopments.com quarter mile in 10.32 secounds at 134.
  24. I suggest a Lingenfelter corvette myself that would be a damn close race since the lingenfelter does 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. I love my skylines but still i think the lingenfelter would have it at the end but not by much.
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