what you wearing

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  1. Quit makeing bullshit comments and cut the crap. You must be some type of moron like the Senseless Apprentice. I get Oliver Peoples matte brown glasses to match my MOnt Blac pen and my custom Gerber Mk II.
  2. you probably have flip-up lenses
  3. are they attached to a stick so you have to hold them?
  4. o heck ya flip up glasses
    or plastic sunglass inserts
    or TRANSITION lenses
    those are always seen on the best gamers
  5. shoes
    t shirt
  6. presctiption windows
  7. wearing shorts and that's it.
  8. never fails to make me lol
  9. knockoffs prolly
  10. replay skinny jeans, threadless t-shirt, hugo boss sweater
  11. puma speed cats
    mossimo indigo jeans
    vintage tattoo lifestyle inspired tee shirt (non-bedazzled)
    unknown sweater
  12. zara skinny jeans
    light cotton grey tshirt
    underwear i forgot which ones
  13. House of commons t?
  14. Haha WTF

    That brand would defo not work here
  15. I want one
  16. spongebob squarepants boxer briefs
  17. With a picture of Jacob Rees Mogg on the front.
  18. teva riva shoes
    brown dress socks
    ralph lauren jeans
    banana republic fitted undershirt
    dockers button up dress shirt
  19. Clarks x Supreme Desert Mali boots
    JCrew chinos
    Bape hoody
    Pringles Fanny Pack
    Oakley sunglasses
    Frosted Tips and bleached chin hair
  20. what the #$%# is a "dress" shirt or "dress" socks?
  21. Slipknot t-shirt
    black 40 inch Jnco jeans
    pot leaf wallet with attached chain
    Doc Martins
    chin-length hair parted in the middle
  22. a button down shirt, but not something like a flannel that you can be alright by not tucking in
    dress shirts are button downs that need to be ironed or dry cleaned and tucked in
    dress socks means socks that are not puffy and white and worn with "dress shoes"
  23. oh so like proper smart shirts and socks

    they are just called shirts and socks here

  24. well shirts and socks in america means a MTN DEW style "I'M WITH STUPID" t-shirt purchased from HotTopic and puffy white socks pulled up to the knee
  25. well i normally wear white socks, so what I call ``dress socks`` you would probably just call ``socks``. dress shirts are something that you might wear a tie with, versus a polo or tee-shirt.

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