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  1. then what do you call a button up shirt that's casual? a blouse?
  2. i might say collared shirt. it could still be confused for a polo, but i would say polo if i was talking about a polo.
  3. Grey Suit
    Black dress shirt
    Black shoes
  4. button down
  5. I'm sure at least one of you wear jeans like these.
  6. exactly what i was thinking
  7. does that guy not realise that his laptop has a perfectly usable keyboard?
  9. turbo has some
  10. Jus doing some pants gaming guys
  11. That'll get awkward once they add stuff like a joystick.
  12. i'd suck a dick while typing on his thighs
  13. Have you ever typed anything without a d in your m
  14. good question lol! *gag gag*
  15. I don't like where this thread its going
    Thanks a lot citroen
  16. some sort of prude?
    im not tickling your leg idiot im trying to type this essay
  17. Black sports socks
    Skinny jeans
    White topman tee
    Vintage adidas navy blue tracksuit top with green stripes
  18. Green shirt that says Bacon, Levis, blue Nike sneakers.
  19. Levis 511 ' slimmes ' socks (black) white tank top
  20. how u get all that ass in them jeans
  21. Little tight but those buns look great like that

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