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    ooo god damn, someone was on the gooooooood chebA when they desighned this moon vehicle. Damn it looks like a damn new age robot. We are striving desperatly for a more futuristic look, we are in need of inginuity, but not that much...<!-- Signature -->
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    yea right! as if you ppl wouldnt take this car and tear ass around the street! THIS is a car id blatantly speed around past cops... they'd be so like 'what the fukc?' and wouldnt follow me.... but i have a feeling this car wouldnt work if you got into the slightest fender-bender (not to mention it's a peugeot =P)... ill drive it on mars, thank u =)<!-- Signature -->
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    hmmm... i like it, maybe we'll be on this things one day
    as u can see it has a very aerodynamic design, wish i could say something good about the stance..<!-- Signature -->
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    I would have thought more of you would like this concept. I guess you can't make everyone happy but it seems like all I see are "its too boring" or "too weird"...things like that. It may not be very practical, but design-wise I think it's awsome. I would not be ashamed to drive one around. I bet with a decent power train and suspension, this thing would kick ass. Definately NOT a stealth mobile though. Kudos to the designer!
    http://solair.eunet.yu/~luxy/moonster.html <!-- Signature -->
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    This concpt is pointless,
    Cars wont ever be made like this in the future, whee would the engine go?

    plus it dosent look very safe.
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    Dare I say it, this ca....well whatever it is, makes the Aztec look quite nice from every angle. I respect the idea of creating concepts but I think this idea should have been scraped. Sorry to those who like it...<!-- Signature -->

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