Whatre your goals for the new year?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. lets hear em
  2. Gonna join the medical assistance/fire brigade team at my office building. Have to pass that exam.
  3. Build a second house on the property I just bought, and continue to make more in rental income than mortgage payments...

    Keep trying to be the best husband/dad I can be.

    Possibly buy another toy (DeLorean, C3 Corvette, or almost anything pre-1940s), or save for another overseas trip.

    Keep pushing towards benching twice my body weight. (I have been trying this one for 4 years.... ah!)
  4. Ok but what are you planning that's true/possible?

    I'm just planning to not die one way or another. And maaaaybe eat some cake or something........maybe a chocolate bar.
  5. Sell a car maybe
  6. My new years resolution is for everyone else to get their shit together
  7. Would be nice if I managed being as positive as Ive been this year.

    Find energy to do atleast some renovation for my house.

    Still didnt learn properly leaning riding motorcycle last summer, so thats a project, has been for the last ten years... I did learn to launch slipping the clutch. Did some 25 quartermile runs one nice weekend. Best time was a low 11s with promise of high ten seconds.

    Would be nice to learn swimming, by which I mean 3km/h. Currently roughly at 1h15min.

    More bicycling.

    More Photography.

  8. Buy all the things I need and start working less. Maybe work part time
  9. Got a new job, so not sucking at it is the main goal.
    Having a house built (completion in Feb), so will be a weekend warrior with the DIY (the fun stuff, not the "omg the plumbing is broken" stuff since the place will be new).
    Possible new car later in the year, haven't decided what yet. Nothing has piqued my interest.
  10. I've been saying this every year, lose weight but it's freakin' hard!
  11. Get in better shape for the wedding. It's not really necessary, I suppose, but it's a good fixed goal.

    Do some various work on the house. Most of it is pretty minor (setting up a room we've mostly just been keeping boxes in since the move, etc.) but it'll be a good set of small things we can do to feel accomplished when they're completed.

    Finish training at work/find new problems that I can apply my previous expertise to.

    Finalize my schedule. I have like five weddings this year, one of which is my own and two others that I'm in the wedding party for, and another that's in New Zealand, so my vacation days are going to be stressed to the max.

    I just realized that most of these are just continuations of stuff I'm already doing, which is good?
  12. um... lol?
  13. Eat more, drink more, make more money etc etc. usual day to day shit. Probably left out over a dozen or so more elonquet ideas but you get the idea. New year still alive and healthy; That's all that matters.
  14. Well I just figure I can at least really nail down one of those options. You know, keep it realistic
  15. I think the main one will be to work hard on scraping money together for a deposit on a house.
  16. Marry my fiancee and get her daughter to live with us.
  17. Find a doctor and dentist in my new job's health plan.

    Stay healthy and keep up the gym routine.

    Maybe start dating since breaking up with the last long term girlfriend in June.

    Save money. I have a realistic figure in mind.
  18. I would like to feed some hippos.

    And fly a glider.

  19. i threw some food at a hippo in taipei couple of weeks ago. i stole your goal.
  20. I'd like to finish most of the renovations that the previous owner started on the house.

    Start dating.

    Travel more, more roadtripping and hiking.

  21. Don't slack on all the progress I've made on previous goals
  22. Where abouts in NZ?
  23. Chris is going to channel his inner vince vaughn and do some crashing.
  24. RIP Paul Walker sticker on car

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