Whatre your goals for the new year?

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  1. Slippery slope, dude.

    I'm sure I've said something along those lines to you before, too.

    Some people get so hooked on over-the-counter opiates that they need METHADONE to get them off it. like a heroin addict. stop now.
  2. I still don't know what to do with the shitload of dilaudid that I have left
  3. supraman send me your killers and ill look after them for you
  4. What watches do you have/do you want?
  5. talking about watches, I'll receive my Redux Courg soon
  6. really want to get a vintage explorer but im finding it hard to justify
  7. i want a frederique constant, but no moneys
  8. You can make krokodil out of those!

    Take it to the next level!
  9. 3 El Primeros, several vintage Omegas which were my dad and grandfather's watches, two vintage JLCs, one Eterna Matic, one Longines Ultrachron from the mid 60's, a 50's lip, three pocket watches. Perhaps on my purchase list more vintage El Primeros, a vintage Zenith Captain and a vintage Longines Chrono or anything powered by a Valjoux 72 chrono movement
  10. great, now im looking at watches again
    you guys
  11. My jeweler send me a folder with his latest watches. I feel poor now <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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  12. i really want a jlc geophysic true second, but vintage watches look more fun to get into
  14. I think i'm going to buy a vintage datejust this year, jubilee bracelet, white gold fluted bezel. so much awesome

    edit: something like this

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  15. Abandon thread. It is now about watches.
  16. I think this will be my next watch, not for a little while though. I was gonna get it this go round but decided I don't need a second chronograph more than I need a dress watch.

    I also want a Jaeger Atmos at some point...Maybe if I make partner one day.

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  17. you know you like it

    back on point, now that i have two mountain bikes on two continents i really need to ride more this year
  18. Nice! The El Primero movement is wonderful. And the Valjoux 72.

    I think my next watch will be a new Orient Bambino (the one with the non-tapering hands). Gray or white face.
  19. Do you also watch a gold necklace, white tanktop, lots of gel in your hair and say: eeeeeeeeey a lot?
  20. for taht you will need a good job. They start now at 3000-3500$ , ten years ago you could find one for 2000-2500$
  21. Sometimes I avoid to go to chrono24 because I would be too much indebted
  22. I need a good 18mm blue leather strap, come at me with your links pls
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    its not what you asked for at all but I'd at least take a look here if I was in the market for a new strap

  24. that watch is incredibly understated, dunno what youre talking about.

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