What's going on with my car?

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    What does this look like to you?

    Stumbling at WOT but then it stops and the car moves like a raped ape.

    The stumbling is costing me RESPECT on the streets.

  2. Your turbo gauge seems to be for decoration. Beyond that, it could be that you're driving like a douche in a situation that does not call for it.
  3. Sounds like the engine is misfiring.
  4. Just because you drive a Civic doesn't mean that everyone who has a car that can accelerate is a douche.
  5. You're right. What's the warning light on the dash?
  6. CEL for incorrect voltage to the MAF sensor. I was testing it and the code stuck after I plugged everything back in. I need to clear it out.
  7. If there is black smoke coming out the back while it stumbles, you have a misfire. If you pull the plugs and find them white, you have a lean bog. Hard to tell from the video since you can't see tach/boost when the problem is happening...
  8. Does this happen at all speeds?
  9. Or just at plaid speed?
  10. It really only happens during acceleration. Every now and then I'll feel a stumble during steady driving.

    I pulled a bunch of misfire codes from the ECU this morning. Hopefully it just needs a tune up.
  11. sounds like it's #$%#ed. New engine needed
  12. plugs = changes them suckas, also check the wires
    coil packs = replace the ones for the mifiring cylinders
  13. Tranny go bang
  14. In addition to the plugs, distributor and rotor being replaced I also need a new radiator hose, I have an oil leak somewhere around the pump, and my motor mounts are to the point where the engine is almost resting on the subframe. I could have bought another 850 for what all this is going to cost. My heated seats are being fixed for free.
  15. I had something similar in my V70 which I figured out was my injectors.
  16. Usually, you do a tune-up before the engine misfires.<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

    Just saying....

    And that engine mount, fix that before it rest on the subframe. If not, it will be so loud inside the car that even the radio can't kill that sound.
  17. O2 sensors maybe?
    Try replacing them if it persists after the tune-up.
  18. It's in the shop right now, everything is being fixed. It'll be a minimum of $2200 when I get the bill, almost entirely labor.

    I only paid $3200 for the car but this is our only form of transport other than public and I plan on keeping the car as long as I can.
  19. Oil leak near what pump? The rest of your list is basic hand tools and a couple hours because they will replace the easy front mount and not the rest...
  20. oil pump

    I took the car to the dealer because it's 16 years old and I'd like to have a certified Volvo tech go over it. I brought the car in for one problem and they found many, which is what I was hoping for.

    I'd have to either order all the parts or buy them from the dealer anyway. These Volvos are extremely finicky and work best with OEM parts.
  21. this is true. you should let me know next time you need a part. a former collegue of mine literally has houses filled with volvo stuff.
  22. its too bad you think you need to rely on this to get around, but anways..

    can you not buy the parts and use the info from the dealer diagnosis to install yourself? That's what I've done before, pay the 1hr labour for diagnosis and just fix it myself.
  23. another possibility is a stuck wastegate causing overboost, in which case the ecu will cut spark and the car will feel like it lost all power suddenly and bog down for a second or two
  24. Was just gonna say to check the injectors. My buddy has an S60R that had a random misfire and it ended up being one 80% clogged injector. Got them all jetted/cleaned for about 200$
  25. oh yeah, I got it fixed

    turns out the spark plugs were gapped at twice what they should be, among other things

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