What's happening to the car scene in America?

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  1. Last week I met a high school friend of mine, whom I haven't seen in over a decade. He has been a car guy since middle school. He told me about his recently acquired project car, an early 90's Nissan 240SX. This has to be the last modified import in the South Bay. I just don't see modified imports anymore in NorCal, and I heard there are even less of them in SoCal. The only places I still see them are the older areas of East Bay (Berkley, Oakland).

    On the contrary, why is there so many American classics now days? 10 years ago there weren't nearly this many. Now they are everywhere. Every block has some kind of hot rod, or muscle car, or some kind of old domestic classic. One of my neighbors recently opened his garage and revealed a really nice street rod that I never knew existed. People drive them more often too, I see them all the time on the road. The most obvious part of this trend is the rod shows, they are way bigger now than the previous decade. The GoodGuys shows have become so big that it's almost impossible to see everything in one day.

    We all know about decline of car culture, but why has one type of cars declined so much, while another type has grown so much? Maybe a shift in preferences among car guys? Or maybe due to government policies such making older domestic cars exempt from smog and emission regulations?

    I was never a big fan of the import scene, but it is kind of sad to see them disappear like that. I do miss the small but fun night gatherings of imports in parking lots.
  2. And I don't mind that at all. More classic and muscle cars around, the happier I am.
  3. Same here. But I do miss the import scene.
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    I found a pretty compelling video explaining it
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    Ah, the good old days when R33 / R34 skylines were considered the holy grails of high performance cars in many places.
  6. the smog stuff in california probably has a bit to do with it but I'd be more inclined o guess the one of the main reasons are that more people now realize that getting parts for them is very very easy. that and depending on their age they've been left these cars and unlike their (most likely) family that had them before they actually use them
  7. modifying economy cars is lame, if thats what you mean. I live in the east bay and work on the peninsula and i probably see fewer modified japanese cars, but the ones i do see are pretty 'well done'. more hella flush type cars and the like.
    also the manufacturers started releasing more interesting, affordable cars. i see a ton of brzs, late model mustangs(inc the 4 cyl), fiesta sts and stuff.
  8. I live in Puerto Rico...I mean Orlando so every other car is a shitty 90s civic with rims and fart pipe
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  9. people dont use the term 'jdm' anymore and I am so happy about that
  10. People still definitely do. Maybe it's just Australia though as they say it a lot on Mighty Car Mods on YouTube
  11. I guess it depends on what parts of the metro area you live in.

    Here in NorCal, some neighborhoods in East Bay is still like that. But everywhere else American classics have taken over.
  12. LOL
  13. im glad i don't see riced out golfs with fart cans anymore.

    the need for speed underground/fast and furious hype went away and i'm glad.
  14. The modded Golfs I had seen were nicely done.

    The worst of the fart cans were mostly Civics and Neons.
  15. At least 95% of all the modified cars I have seen in Europe were piss poor ones.

    And generally driving a riced out car screams "I'm an inbred chav and I do not like higher education!"

    Actually modifying one's car to make it somehow better is a different thing. Plastic splitters, spoilers, whatever silly bodykits, stupid rims and paintjobs does not a car better make. And it's very uncool. Like the adult equivalent of gluing cards in your bicycle's spokes to make it rattle.

    Let me give you an example: Driving an M5 that says 520d is very cool. Driving a 520d that says M5 is super uncool.
  16. there are still a bunch of people who wear flat-brimmed hats and talk about 240SX's
  17. I saw a Mk4 golf recently with 20" rims and airbags. He was stuntin' at the McDonald's Drive-Thru with his mates.

    Srsly though a £1k car at MOST, with probably £10k worth of wheels and suspension.
  18. Would you trust that kind of person with ANYTHING
  19. I'd only trust him to end up in jail for killing his friend in his passenger seat after losing control during a race with a diesel fiat punto (Owned by his mate, who thought everyone wanted to hear his piece of shit 1.3 diesel revving its tits off)
  20. It's funny because the ricers think fart pipe + useless triple deck spoiler + stickers for mods they don't have = unique. No, #%[email protected], it looks like the other 1000 rice burners.
  21. I once saw a Passat with bentley wheels. Whyyyyy
  22. This pretty much sums up some of the Neons and Scions that used to roam my area, plus the stereos that weighs more than the rest of the car.
  23. And not to get trough a day without receiving at least 7 ASBOs, getting some slag pregnant and soiling his burberry knickers
  24. we know that, but btiches don't
  25. lol me too! The rims were completely #$%#ed, too.

    That had airbags, too. It was slammed on the floor.

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