Whats the best current exotic car?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by lamborghiniisferrarikilla, May 30, 2007.

  1. Pci ka car out of all the 2007 or 2006 models. I would have to go with the Ferrari F430.
  2. Honda Civic
  3. Honda Civic Type-R
  4. you know the topic is EXOTIC car.
  5. Sorry but I never hear of that car company called Exotic ^_^ is it britsih cars like MG?
  6. Lotec Serious.
  7. seriously
  8. Ferrari S2000
  9. Honda F40
  10. Lamborgotti Fasterosa.
  11. Pontiac Grand Am Se, there good.
  12. Automatic Convertible V6 Mustang
  13. Fiat Panda
  14. the batmobile from the 90s.
  15. Perodua Kelisa
  16. Sony Ericsson W810i
  17. ferrari S2000
  18. hehe
    No i think its Sony Ericsson W900i
  19. Fiat Punto ELX 16V
  20. mazda 626 cronos, with the swinging aircon vents.
  21. Mother#$%#ing Chevy Aveo, #%!@es.
  22. neon

    its a racecar
  23. Toyota Prius
  24. lambo gallardo spyder
  25. Pontiac Grand Am SE

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