whats the weather like where youre at?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Innotech, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. 71, breezy, low humidity. Feels good man.
  2. 27F and drizzling
  3. We should standardize the temperature units on the forums, I'm #$%#ing tired of Fahrenheits!
  5. That's it, I'm polling the community.
  6. its actually snowing hear. quite unusual here in fort worth, texas. it was beautiful yesterday.
  7. sunny day, but still over a foot of snow left on the ground. supposed to be ice tomorrow night!
  8. my Uncle sent me some pics of his house in Fairfax. You guys must have gotten like 6 feet of the shit.
  9. Snowing all day, gusts up to 50mph. Can't wait to get back to New Mexico!
  10. About to jog up to a local park and play some basketball. Suckers.
  11. currently 27'c at 9.45am. prolly get up to 31'c
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  14. around 30deg at 20:54 with a still decent amount of snow on the ground. About 40min south of Washington DC
  15. goddam cold and miserable
  16. The weather is fine thanks Innotech. Earlier today it looked like it was heading towards the mid 30s, but now there is a cooler southerly blowing and it is quite comfortable, mid to high 20s I'd say.
  17. Its starting to snow here at my grandmas house.
  18. Supposed to be almost 60 degrees Friday-Sunday with rain Friday.
  19. Its a few degrees below freezing and its clear.
  20. Heres a real pic of current conditions
  21. damn.
  22. Took this yesterday. Pretty much the same today.
  23. and thats after it calmed down. It was blizzarding all damn day
  24. oh gosh!
  25. youre in funkytown? nice.

    im over in garland. snowin like woah here. well, like woah for texas.

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