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  1. A Honda Civic Si has 160hp and a Ford Probe GT has 164hp. The Probe makes it's run to sixty in 7.5 seconds while the Civic makes it to sixty in 8.0 flat. Can any R!cer answer this question for me?
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    it's not eight, it's 7.
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    You know why! Because those British people messed it up putting 160hp instead of 180hp like the old si made in Japan.
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    What? Probe Beat a Civic si! are you an idiot! Just think about it, the probe must rev to like 6000 and when the probe has to shift the Si can spin for 2000 more rpms. Why do you think F1 cars are so fast? Its just common sense.
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    Guess ur rite, but that's kinda weird, but cuz the old SI does 0-60mph in 7.4 seconds.

    The Ford Probe is actually a Mazda MX-6.
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    Mainly because 0-60 and 1/4 mile are poor measures of performance. They mostly measure traction.

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    How else do you propose we should measure a car's acceleration?

    Traction can affect the 0-60 or 1/4 miles times but arent entirley decided by it. If it was decided entirely by traction any AWD vehicle would be very fast, but thats just not the case.
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    Traction plays an important role, but in this case, it's not really a big problem. But AWD cars are usually quicker in 0-60mph. Cuz they have better grip when pulling away from the starting point.
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    that 16.1 or 16.2 or what ever that some one posted is way off, i've seen, in real life, a stock '99 Si (it was by friends)that ran low 15's, and it will beat a stock probe
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    Your common sence is wrong. An engine with a higher redline is in no way faster than an engine with a lower redline.
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    Well, let's have a race between a Formula one car with 18000rpm and 300lb/ft of torque with a Z06 with 6000rpm.
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    Yeah, Let's race a z06 against a formula 1 car!

    And then we can race a Mclaren against a drunk on a unicycle!

    You don't suppose the formula 1 car would be faster because they spend millions and millions on them, not to mention they're proffessional race cars, do you? I mean honestly, I'm pretty sure they could make f1 cars fast without a 18000 rpm redline.
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    Pointless comparison. How about something a little more realistic. How about a Corvette C5-R vs the Ferrari 550 they use in the American Le mans series. Ill bet any money the Ferrari revs higher than the Corvette and i'm also willing to bet the C5-R will wipe the floor with the Ferrari, hmmmm explain that one?
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    or maybe the 03 Viper against the 360 modena? we sure know which one revs higher, but the Viper is undoubtably faster. I think it's safe to say Honda boy has had his "common sense" thoroughly proved wrong.
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    notice how you mention the cars torque instead of the horses.
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    Ok, may be comparing a Z06 to a F-1 car is too unrealistic. How bout the S2000 with 9000rpm and 153lb/ft or torque to a Boxster with about 7000rpm and over 200lb/ft of torque, and the boxster weighs less, whihc one is faster on a straight road (since u guys like to go straight). S2000's 0-60mph in 5.5 sec, Boxster's time is 6 seconds. 1/.4 mile, S2000 = 14.1 sec, boxster = 14.5.

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    Ever consider gear ratios/ anything in the drivetrain?
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    Guys, I think the point was that Torque isn't nearly as important as you make it out to be.
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    Yes, that's wut i'm trying to say, the S2000 has a great gearbox with great gear ratios. IN the world of racing, gearing is very important.
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    torque = a twisting force. in other words its the amount of force (energy) your engine can apply.

    power = the rate at which energy can be applied.

    neither is more important than the other. if you have lots of torque, and little hp, your car will have a lot of force to propel it forward, but will apply that force slowly. if you have a lot of hp, but little torque, you car wont have a lot of force to propel it forward, but it will apply what it does have very quickly. both can end up creating the same performance. of course, the BEST thing is to have high hp AND torque.

    rpm doesnt make much difference in which car is faster except perhaps if 2 cars have the same gear ratios, the car with a higher redline can hold on to the lower gears longer, and you put tons more torque to the wheels in a lower gear. but since cars with 2 different engines rarely have the same transmissions, this doesnt matter much.
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    i thought this was about civics? i mean your talkin boxers and s2000
    and besides japs make cheap cars anyway
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    1) That was a stupid comment
    2) What's up with the pic?
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    it wasn't stupid it was logical it's about a gd civic you idiot not a boxer or S2000. the picture is my best friend's 34 ford with 800 horse any other questions?
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    if RPM is not that important then why most race cars has higher RPM then the normal cars

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