What's your dream garage at the moment?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Cesar, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. He scares me.
  2. Enzo, McLaren F1, F360 Challenge Stradale
  3. 1)blu audi rs4 or the new m3
    2)yellow lotus elise with some performance upgrades
    3)white lp640 or red 599 gtb, hard to say..
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    I'm gonna eat ya!

    yah i know its weird haha
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    I was embarassed just watching that. How can you put that on the internet!
  6. 599 GTB obviously.
  7. no, better i go with the old but good F40 so i dont need to choose between them!
  8. Are yyou kidding? anyone could have so much fun with the cars on that list.
  9. you forgot a hummer limousine
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    Your performance: 7

    Other Dude: 1

    1 to 10 scale, 1 being BMW 1 Series and 10 being Mercedes-Benz CLS.
  11. I would've agreed in the early days of this car's launch. But now that I've seen it IRL, it looks fine. That line is alot subtle in person IMO. Besides, its a new design trend to match the BMWish flaming surface that is so popular these days. In the past, the flaming surface was limited to the side of the car. This is a new solution to balance the front and rear as well. I saw a grey one park in front of the Ferrari store at Lexington, NYC and I must say it looks gorgeous in person.
  12. whats your avatar? the fusion between the michelin logo and stig?
  13. It's the amerikan Stig. Amerikans are fat people.
  14. Lancia Delta Intergrale
    Ferrari F40
    Auto Union type 37 (just so i can sell it and buy all the other shit i want)
  15. Right now am feeling

    Ferrari 355 Spyder, Manual, red or yellow with black seats and black challenge grill at the rear. Standard rims!

    Mercedes E55 AMG, Silver, Black Seats

    2006 Land Rover Discovery, Black on Black, with some sort of goodlooking rim also the off road wheels too.
  16. The Ferrari's the obvious choice if it's going to be your only car, because it's so much more practical, precise and generally a better vehicle, but as a secondary fun car I'd say the Lamborghini's the obvious choice. Louder, sexier, more exotic, more exciting.
  17. Quote from toniferrari:

    "Rolls Royce Phantom with large black rims with chrome lip and a center cap with my initial that doesnt rotate. and a chaufeur."

    "S15 set up for drifting"

    That's an awesome garage. The no-rotate center cap with your initials is baller and any S15 is awesome.
  18. Ok Im definitely adding the new Maserati coupe to my list.
  19. lol
  20. cheater...<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> +10000000 for the other 2
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    I'am glad some one gets me. But you are ofcourse no doubt as twisted as me, when it comes to cars.

    MADE IN ITALY--> Yes that particular 600 LM can be turned streetlegal, and yes i really love the PRV, just listen to it:

  22. The line must behave like that, if you continue with the line like you say on the pic, it would look good only to look from the front exactly! The surface near the headlight goes front and up (concave), so if you see the car from 3/4 or other position that line that you propose would be distorted and interfer with the headlights! Looks vs production if #$%#*d up....

    ps- let me say that they were concern about that detail to, probably it was the best solution... they won't Ferrari house to be disapointed.
  24. I just had the urge to own a 700-800 rwhp daily drivable Supra Twin Turbo. Something like a T78 with massive boost and an HKS Super Sequential BOV. Highway running. That would be the life.
  25. Porsche 997 Gemballa GTR 750 Avalanche, black
    Ferrari F40, tuned to 600 hp, black
    Mercedes Brabus G V12, tuned to 750 hp, black

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