When I saw the engine cover. . .

Discussion in '2006 Gemballa Avalanche GTR 650' started by 2002wrx, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. I vomited a little bit in my mouth.

    I looked at every picture, assuming that from some angle, or with some version of the wing, the rear end may look good. . .I assumed wrong.

    really fast ugly is still ugly.
  2. i still like it.
  3. you should stop being wrong.
  4. wow. .posrche fanboys must be completely blind.
    It ruins everything that makes the 997 look good. If I had the money, and was dead-set on buying a porsche, I would buy the GT3. It may not be as powerful, but it doesn't have ricey painted interior pieces, or an engine cover that bulges nearly to the roofline.

  5. I actually love the way it looks, really badass. The rear reminds of very powerfull Porsche racecars like the 935 or 993 GT2.
  6. personally I love the car the way it is especially this big ass it has. It makes the car look like as if it were ready to fly !! purely awsome
  7. Porsche's look like sexy girls. Cute face, big ass, wide hips.


    So that's my opinion, but people should definitely stop starting threads just to rave about their opinions. No one CARES about your opinion.... don't they teach that in schools anymore?

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