When U spend 1,396 $

Discussion in '1993 Toyota Supra Turbo' started by Teckert05, May 9, 2006.

  1. too badd ur both WRONG, periond. You aren't going anywhere near 180 for only $1396. Not unless you have way too many connections or parents that own some huge mechanics shop. Sorry bud, but i am an engineering major and a business minor, it just aint gonna happen.
  2. 460hp and topspeed over 180? yeah right! if your talking about a BPU that POS couldn't even out perform a stock Viper ACR and wouldn't even come close to its performance.

    Maybe after you invest more than 10k on just the engine alone and about 20k on everything else then yeah its possible to make a supra hit 180. but not with 1,400bucks thats a joke, maybe enought to get a carbon fiber wing.
  3. I'm not gonna argue on this but watch getaway in stockholm and you'll understand.
  4. yeah to make this thing quiker with $$1300$$ hahaha....those performace numbers are Bull Shit...And 180mhp on the stock trans hahaha japanse auto makers only make like 1 or 2 production cars with that top end..and this cars 1/4 mile time and performance specs is only possible in japan where 95% of the country is like 225 feet above sea level....i dont think this was a legendery car anyway supera just recently beat skyline in the japanse raceing series 3 years ago for the first time....
  5. We r talking about Supra not Supera.

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