When will the 5-door arrive?

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  1. This is a quite nice affordable car. I was wondering when the 5-door SVT Focus would come out in the U.S. after hearing car magazines saying this spring. I haven't seen anything on the Ford website about it. A five-door is real practical since the Focus hatchback is real versatile (especially the ZX5) and it would be nice to have that 170 hp engine and 17 inch wheels.
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    There's no such thing as a 5-door. 3-door means that it has two doors that are 150% the size of a normal door, the extra 50% on either side adding up to the size of a third door. The name is generally only given to hatchbacks because non-hatchbacks with 2 oversized doors are called coupes.

    A "5-door" would be called a Wagon or Sedan (depending on whether it has a trunk or hatchback).

    I think this will only be available as a 3-Door.
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    Actually, the ZX5, the 4 door, (yes, when I say 4 door, I literally mean you can get in in 4 places)is often referred to as a 5 door. Technically they may be wrong, but who the hell cares.

    And to answer the question- the SVT version of the ZX5 is already out, they started making them 2003. Please, nobody be stupid enough to argue with me, I have seen one at a dealership with my own two eyes.
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    Texas1 is right
    how do i know..... i got mine about a month and a half or two ago
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