When will the horsepower craze end?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by bugatti442, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. It seems like every year, every car increases its power. Everyone has read about, or been in the muscle car craze, it came to a grinding hault. When do you think the modern version of this muscle craze will end?
  2. when the government gets gey agian...it'll end when they decide to make alternative fuel the norm
  3. True, but gas mileage isn't getting worse like it used too, it seems to be getting better, except for some cars.
  4. when it stops being popular, or when oil prices get as unbelievable as in the 70s.
  5. Well it's not that mileage is the issue, it's that the crazies will push for government quotas on the number of zero-emission vehicles or similar cars, like they do in California thanks to C.A.R.B.
  6. if kerry wins office.
  7. The truth.
  8. anyone would be better than bush
  9. Michael Moore would make a better president than Kerry.......Kerry = Fail

  10. What is kerry's view on this?
  11. I wouldn't go that far.
  12. whoa now.....
  13. Yes that was a little over the top, but you got my opinion.
  14. Kerry thinks he can make all cars run on ethanol by the year 2010.

    Sorry, but I make fun of people studying business because they simply dont do much, and thats all Kerry has ever done, gotten a BA in Business with something ridiculous like a 2.3 average. I dont want an idiot in office.
  15. i wish we could run on ethanol by 2010. that would be a better solution to our agriculture surplus troubles than the current one. paying farmers to not grow so much = WASTE OF MONEY. grow fuel dammit! god i hate oil companies.
  16. It would be nice if we could just cut them out of equation. I would be willing to pay more for domestically grown and refined ethanol instead of gasoline.

    One of the reasons I bought my car is because it sips fuel, and I prefer to give the oil companies as little of my money as possible.
  17. Bush was also an average student, and obviously is an idiot.
  18. i concur. since the oil companies stifled that shit back in the 70's on their own, i say the farmers should come together and start some sort of co-op to compete domestically with the oil companies for providing us fuel. not only would prices go way down over a period of time (think about how much stuff they could grow to convert to fuel! the only thing that would have to be worked on is refining it into a conbustible fuel), but it could also eventually force the oil companies to follow suit into getting further and further from petroleum, which could be good or bad (since they'd be cutthroats in ethanol or something, rather than oil now).

    still, id like to see it happen something vaguely like i just described.
  19. An average student at Yale is not really an average student.
  20. and riddle me this, how did he get into yale?
  21. when the fück did this turn into a discussion about bush? shut up.
  22. Riddle me that, since when was Yale easy?
  23. Mercedes has went outta thier minds, I saw the new SRK supercharged V8, unreal, and don't forget the AMG's wonderful bi-turbo V12 producing a weak and feable 650 Horsepower and a meager 718 Ft Lbs @ 2400 rpm's SHEESH! It's an automatic as all Mecedes are, you drive a Mecedes you don't shift one! Rich pigs LOL!!! it claims 0-60 around 4 seconds but the 1/4 mile times are somewhere in the high 11's THAT"S FAST! YIKES!!!

    The Killer
  24. what are you thinking that gas mileage hasnt gone down??? have you seen the mileage on the new hemi magnum and 300c??? even with cylinder deactivation it gets 15-16mpg. the hemi rams are in the low teens. my friend has a ram with the 4.7 and he said he gets 15. the cobra is lower than that. and i dont wanna hear you gm fanboys with your 30mpg bs because everything published for the vette and fbodies said something in the high teens. even my neighbor said his gets about 19mpg and its a 93. and the numbers that ive seen for the c6 said 11mpg. that was for an auto conv but still. it takes alot of fuel to make that kind of power. the hp race should stop soon. you guys might be happy with it but im uncomfortable that the public is being allowed access to more powerful cars that they are very undertrained to drive. you watch people in your area and think to yourself what if that asshole had 400hp and couldnt stop in time for the light and plowed into you instead. nearly every srt-4 around here has been modified and yeah they go fast as hell, but theyve all rearended someone because they couldnt stop in time or steer out of the way quick enough when the person in front of them stopped. and ive talked to all of them because theyre all friends of a guy i work with. 4 of the 6 srt-4's around here are owned by high school kids. 1 belongs to a girl the other two are owned by low rank soldiers who drive worse than high school kids.

    and on a side note draper are you even old enough to vote yet??? you have no clue whats going on in the election. all you remember is bush's paid ads saying kerry wanted a .50 increase on gas tax. when in reality if you research he voted against it.

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