Where did Chevorlet go wrong?

Discussion in '2006 Lexus SC430 GT500' started by kav, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Is it a truck or a car? Make up your mind Chevy!
  2. ya ok
    Where did Chevorlet go wrong?

    you like to sit on your computer and make fun of cars you dont know anything about. I have an ssr and it is the most amazing car i have ever been in. i havent heard of anyone who doesnt like it so go jump off a bridge
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    Ok, its a convetible/truck/car/shit.... that should help you continue your life. Where did they go wrong? O, thats easy on the drawingboard.
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    how much for this car/truck thing ??
    I would buy a 2004 GTO instead !
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    wtf u guys dont shit about design, this is a retro-truck, and how could u say chevy went wrong when its the hottest american car out.
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    I'll tell you where Chevy went wrong.
    Instead of doing justice to a greatb looking pick-up truck like this, they took the concept, and totally basterdized it, that's where they went wrong.
    The origanul concept had a supercharged 6L V-8, that produced over 500hp. The suspension was that of a Corvette, with the Covette rubber as well, meaning it would have been a very high performance pick-up truck indeed.
    And even though it is a pick-up truck, they had a trarget wait of just 3600 lbs, but it's right up there with the other pick-ups now.
    And not only that, but they wanted it to be no more then $36,000, and now look at the price.
    With less horse power, less performance capabilities, more weight, and more money needed to get one, I'm surprised anyone would want to go out and buy one.
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    Chevorlet did alright to me. When it comes to a creative retro vehicle like this, it's not about the performance. It's about style. I think this is a bad ass looking ride. I'd love to be seen in this pulling a couple of jetskis. Besides, it just occured to me the other day that the reason why this thing has barely 300 horses is so that theres room for improvement every year. If you're not satisfied with the horse power, install a few after market performance parts. Yea I know this thing already costs around 45K, but this is a bad ass looking freakin ride. A convertable too. I bet a lot of hella fine ass chicks would want to be with the dude who ever owns this bad boy.
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    Why dont you get smart. The Retro style is coming back and Chevy is making this Truck look like the classy trucks they use to make. Go wrong...what is wrong with you!? They finally made a truck look more unique for once. Its beautiful
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    I agree!
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    knowing that this will sell dispite all the shortcommings makes me realise why sub standard machinery can sell off the charts in the usa.
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    I think this think is ugly. a convertable truck? now come on. Its slow, heavy, and expensive. bring back the camero, this thing sucks.
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    All of you guys that hate this bad ass ride are all [email protected]$$e$. This ride is hella tight! If 50% of the people like this car and the other half hates it, then Chevorlet didn't go wrong. How can you all say that Chevy #$%#ed up if half the people loves it? It seems like to me that you're all #$%#ed up.
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    man you ignorant little CHILDREN need to learn something. People want retro styling and Chevy's giving it out and you just want to stick with the other F&F wannabe's who probably dont know what a hemi 'Cudda is.
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    Its based off their old truck smart one!

    Why is it always you making up the dumbest comments on just about every car page?
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    All of you that thinks this car is ugly has no taste. If you do not have any taste, then your girlfriends or wives must look like shit!!!!
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    that lil' wife and girlfriend gig was dumb. No need to drag in people's looks over a truck. Its all opinions, and my opinion is this thing is ugly and if you think my girlfriend is ugly, then who the hell cares because i dont believe that.
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    Well, obviously you have no taste.
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    I have seen a couple of these around twon and let me tell they look awesome. Unfortunately they were parked at a Taco Bell so I didn't even get to hear the roar of the engine. Beautiful vehicle in my opinion would plop down the money in a heartbeat.
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    i think it looks pretty stupid. its like they tried to one up chrysler and their pt cruiser.
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    Simple fact - this vehicle should have been released 5 years ago. Chevy has been sitting on great designs and doesn't have the balls to release them until it's too late. Nothing is cutting edge or a "revolution" in Chevy's design department. You may like the design or hell, you may even own and enjoy driving it but that doesn't mean that those of us with a sense of taste can't ridicule it.
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    chevy didnt go wrong #%$got this truck is awesome
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    Same here. My next vehicle that I'm gonna purchase is this Chevy SSR. It would look great at the lake towing a couple of Jet Skis down to the dock. I can just imagine all the Hot Thong Bikini Babes checking it out and then looking to see who's driving it!
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    So what the hell is wrong with trying to up one on another manufacture. Thats called being competitive. Get used to it.
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    Having driven one on numerous occasions, I can only say a few things about this truck (since that's what the insurance companies call it); First, it's overpriced. Second, it desperately needs a manual trans. A four speed auto with that much power? After that rubber-band transmission is done with it, this motor may as well be a four banger. Third, it gets more looks that any other car on the road. And that absolutely perfect sound eminating from the nice true dual exhaust helps too.
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    I wouldnt say this beautiful design is overpriced. Not only is it's styling very impressive with its straight pipes but the interior design looks very well and the power under the engine makes up a good sum of the money that is going towards it. I say its priced about right and I would love to have the money to buy one.

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