Where did we go wrong?

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    You're just jealous you didn't get famous off a dank youtube video about ur unborn child clapping xir's hands
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  2. also, what happened to Big Rob and Clever Robot? Social media tells me they arent together anymore :(
    On another note, what did V1 sc.net look like?
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  3. Just laughed at xir's
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  4. all I remember were colorful fonts. I was like 12 wtf.

    Big Rob should come back.
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  5. They are not together? I have both of them on ig.
  6. ya, have a look. Shes posted many pics with some red bearded guy called Ben. I just did some IG stalking right now
  7. Oh damn you're right. I always thought they would be forever.
  8. Are you still married?
  9. Divorced crew, signing in
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Me? Yes
  12. 3 months and going strong
  13. Its the future
  14. clever robot is dating comunista and big rob is dating noisysun
    turb0 and bumbles are married
  15. This is insane. I created this account during the summer before High School in 2001 - but was posting (mostly lurking) for a couple years in middle school before I decided that FINGER ELEVEN was a super sick username...

    I remember sitting on here until early in the morning, constantly refreshing the page to a never-ending stream of posts and jokes and just general bullshit. It was the best.

    I still laugh out loud when I think of Chevy, who was apparently from Calgary too? That post about tranny bang was legendary. Are you retarded? "yes".

    That's too bad about Big Rob and his gyal. Rob was always funny to have around.

    I'm actually married now, too... damn. Almost 20 years really flies!
  16. This site seems to only be used for SEO and revenue from ads. Life after sc.net is going to be weird and scary.
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  18. You get that sort of ads?

    All I receive are methane and Muslim wife ads.
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  19. Right now all my ads are for hotels in Norway. Gonna take a while to clear all that remarketing from my browsers.
  20. I'm still here dude
  21. Awkward...
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  22. woah and such

    weird when you see the site in your bookmarks and come back to find your login still working
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  23. This thread is the most action this site has seen in awhile. It almost brings a tear to my eye.

    Kinda like how a dog gives you that one last little look of energy before you put them down.

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