Where did we go wrong?

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  1. it wasnt repulsive for me i just had my moderator duties to strongly and firmly uphold
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  2. Also, pretty much every member that had Porsche in their username is literally gay.
    When I hear people say they really like Porsches, I assume theyre gay. This site taught me a lot.
  3. Didn't you do something to bring the old site down fo a bit? And then lots of people left or something.
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  4. bit of an understatement.

    i wonder if eventually there will be 1 person left, or they shutdown the forum in a couple of years.
    the main site looks pretty active but the twitter is dead
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  5. this site will eventually just become an Instagram page
  6. I certainly contributed.

    However, I didn't physically break anything. The admin simply shut the site down for sometime because I was being a twat.
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  7. Are dickpicks allowed on Instagram?
  8. not sure

    def on twitter
  9. is there an scnet instagrm page?
  10. the owner also runs a corvette site & forum called corvsport. I noticed he was using the supercars.net facebook page to promote links to that site for a while but he's been to some events recently and put up some articles for this site (although the photography needs improving - posting images cropped down to square format, but cropping out the front and back of the car)
  11. I'm surprised there wasn't ever a member called PorscheGayman
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  12. Even before that, SC.net member “The Dude” created his own page, UltimateCarPage.com. It still exists, as sort of a snapshot of what sc.net was in the old old days (pre-2005), just without anywhere near as much traffic. There are still posts from 2017 on the first page of their misc forum.
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  13. I see so much shit on Facebook to which I would love to respond, but then I think back to everything I’ve learned from this site about arguing with people on the internet, and then I don’t post anything because what’s the point?

    Pre-2005 sc.net was a barrel of laughs though. Man, I’d just read and post and make a funny picture and laugh for hours.
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  14. Second accounts were the most fun. People would get so mad.
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  15. Especially @426 Hemistage 8
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  16. Grew up..made money. Got into racing motorcycles. Oogling mac F1s and GT2s was fun when I was 15 on here.
  17. And your mum.
  18. The forum got too little new traffic with too many inside jokes for a newbie to comprehend. Its entertaining though.

    Also, we all got older.
  19. And, your mum.
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  20. FUDAS
  21. [​IMG]

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  22. so what exactly does a "staff" member get up to around here?
  23. There's actually tons of activity around here, but it's their job to silence it.
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  24. just staff
  25. There was a period where we were fighting off spam bots.
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