Wheres the GT2?

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  1. i've seriously heard next to nothing about a 997 GT2 in a long while. Anyone know ANYTHING about it? they're already talking about 998's but theres no gt2 anywhere to be found. Is Porsche too afraid of obliterating the competition or what?
  2. Franckfurt
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  4. Have been wondering about this too. Should be sweet.
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  6. LOL @ a Turbo too far.

    very nice
  7. this will finish the 430, coz the turbo is inched away from it. as a personal thing, the article says that this will be the first 911 to clear the 200mph barrier.........which is a bit late lol. looks good tho, even better than the turbo
  8. Ugh.
  9. something wrong i said?
  10. slower from 0-60mph than the 911 turbo (4wd vs rwd)!, seems more orientated to hit 200mph. Styling is nice but looks like something is missing IMO
  11. This widowmaker looks amazing.
  12. with 525 hp and 1482 kg weight I think it would be a perfect competitor to the G SL. I doubt the 997 GT2 would weigh less than the older version since a car's successor usually weighs more than it.
  13. on a semi related note i saw a 996 gt2 today in silver, was saweet
  14. the gt2 is the last 911 variant to arrive isn't it? it'll be along soon enough.

    *not including the turbo S run out model.
  15. That you don't hear it, does not mean it is not coming... <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  16. Sweet Jesus. Ferrari need to get their pony running now. F430 CS thank you very much.
  17. 993 GT2 looks more badass with the HUGE spoiler at the rear.
  18. the 993 GT2 looks more badass than any other 911 based on the standard bodyshell
  19. irl, the 996 GT2's spoiler is pretty large too.
  20. It looks mean as hell. I think I'd like the center of the front bumper to be color matched and not black.
  21. It will be, in other spy shots it was silver just like the rest of the car.
  22. it really is.
  23. I always loved the GT2 models ... hope this wont change in the new model range;o)
  24. The first page of this thread looks so INDIE

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