which car has the capacity to give ...

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  1. .... the most pleasure??

    tell me what you think.
  2. i'm going with the maybach. Very comfortable as a passenger with tvs computers great stereo fridge for food and the performance is thrilling but not spectacular, high quality materials. I doubt the handling is that good so there the fun ends.


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  3. Pimpmobile.
  4. The one with the tightest exhaust

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  6. haha yeah but seriously which car
  7. Your mom. Throw some training wheels on her and I'd drive that #%[email protected] for hours
  8. ban this fool
  9. Agree with Maybach, however I would go with the Landaulet of the most recently failed series of 'Bachs. The current MB Maybach is the ultimate really, with everything considered. But that rear cabin of the Laundaulet, top back, ambient lighting, smooth tunes, staring at the night sky as Jeeves takes you down some flowing riverside road on a Sunday night. Would love that once in my life.

    As far as pleasure via exhilaration, I'd be just fine with a topless Hurracan or 488 tbh.
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