Which one is stock power faster; 300zx TT or RX-7

Discussion in '1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo' started by kid from asia, Aug 10, 2002.

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    the RX-7 would leave the 300ZX for dead on ne race track or ne street race.
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    And you know this how? Oh, that's right, you don't.
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    i would put my money on the nissan
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    I've heard of the 1995 300ZX TT pullin 0-60 MPH in around 5.2 sec.
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    Those of you who talk about the speed depending on the driver are right on point. My father's '87 Z is rated as reaching 0-60 in about the mid 8's, he however can push it much, much faster than that, and does so on the norm. Smoothness of the shift and clutch are obviously major contributing factors. When I was racing another in-experienced kid however, as an example, who was driving a Manual 1995 300ZX, while I was driving my yet to be modified Automatic '97 GrandAM SE 4-Banger, I stayed ahead of him most of the way, and was never more than 100 Feet behind him at any point. Just goes to show you that the operator of the vehicle is as important, if not more so, than any technical aspect(s) of it. -J.
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    My 300 runs the quarter mile in sub 8, exit speed is a touch over 193km/h
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    Sure sure this is cool
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    I would take the RX-7 purely because it is much lighter therefore has a higher power to weight ratio. Topspeed it might not be faster the the Z, but this is because the Nissan has such a large engine and alot of torque (relative to the Rx of course). The RX-7 is better where it counts, around a track!!
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    You wish poser.
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    These two cars have been tested numerous times by magazines and it's a fack that the RX-7 is faster.
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    Is that a "fack"?
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    guys the rx7 is deffinetly faster. and no the 155 mph top speed on the rx7 is not right. i have a friend with a 93 rx7 and we'v hit 165mph in it, and its stock. considering that the rx7 has a rotary which weighs less than a cyl engine and has a redline that soars above others is a great advantage for the rx7. the z is to bulky and so many protrusions on a car should not be acceptable. the rx7 is refined and sporty. with road holding ability unbelievable for its price. the rx7 doesnt have any blocky front ends or square rear ends . its just its perfectly sloped curves that would give the rx7 a better aerodynamic advantage. and also the rx7's 13b rotary engine is considered to be only 80cc's which is tiny. developing 255 hp and 216 pounds of torque out of 80cc's. now that is just insane. so if you think about it. no the rx7 doesnt last as long. yes its better looking(being my opinion) and faster than the z. its all a matter of opinion. and in my opinion when you have an rx7 and the engine breaks down. its just another excuse to buy a street ported engine. but its up to you you can have reliablility, or speed and in my opinion, looks.
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    i need some serious help people...im gona get a 1992 Z32TT real soon and im having boost issue...i know dat for the Z32TT u can only boost it up to 15psi max using standard injectors and turbos...but my goal is to boost it up to 17psi...dats why i will add bigger intercooler,dual air intake,800cc injectors,ECU,full exhaust from turbo,BOV and performance spark plug and finally and boost controller to boost it up...wat i wana know is can i boost it up to 17psi with these mod? will i be able to boost it to 17psi with bigger intercooler,dual intake,800cc injectors,ECU,full exhaust,BOV and spark plugs? thanx
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    how did mazda missuse the rotary. the only time that i can see is when they put it in a pickup and a wagon.if you call wining le mans and creating one of the best racing records in the world a mistake,then i just dont know what to say
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    The top speed is set to 155 because that is what the electronic restriction is. If the RX-7 you went in did 165 either its not stock or the speedo is not accurate at that speed, which most of them tend not too be.

    The engine size for a RX-7 is about 650cc per rotary, and there are 2 of them, making the engine size about 1300cc. But the Rotary engine fires twice as often as a normal 4 stroke cylinder engine so that in essence doubles the equivalent engine power, making it about 2600cc, not 80cc. Mazda do not make a 255bhp engine from a cc a little more than a small petrol lawnmower!

    The RX-7 does have a higher red line than the 300ZX, but its only 800rpm. The 300ZX redline is 7200 not 7000 as stated, and I would hardly call 800rpm soaring.

    The RX-7 does look beautiful, 2nd to the 300ZX, but I am bias because I have one. However, just because a car is more curvey doesnt mean it has better aerodynamics. Look at a F1 car and see how many straight lines are on them. Having the body overly curvey will hinder the aerodynamics if not careful. Look at Ferrari and Lamborghini, none of those cars are curvey, infact when looked at the shapes are very simple and quite straight.

    Look at these 2 car profiles.



    The 300ZX infact has a smaller flat area at the front of the car, where the RX-7 is has a quite a large area when you look at them. So its the RX-7 which has a lot less aerodynamic front end because the area in contact with the air at the front of the car is larger than the 300ZX.

    The RX-7 bonnet is almost horizontal, so after the air has found its way around the larger area front nose, it then flows along the bonnet and then hits a the windscreen which is at a quite a steep angle to the bonnet causing more friction and air turbulance as the air changes direction to get around or over it. This
    will not help aero dynamics. Look at the 300ZX line. The air is pushed over the bonnet which is sloping upwards slightly and then hits the windscreen which is only a few degrees different angle to the bonnet. This creats a lot easier flow of air over the car and thus makes it more aerodynamic. It also makes the whole of the front of the car act like a wing/spoiler pushing it down. This maybe why the RX-7's attempt at the record which the 300ZX holds, ended up in the RX-7 flipping.

    Also pop up lights can hardly be called aerodynamic can they?

    The 300ZX is not too "bulky and so many protrusions on a car should not be acceptable". It is only a little longer and wider than a RX-7.
    What protrusions are you talking about? About how the front bumper comes out a long way? Well behind that bumper are 2 intercoolers, an oil cooler, radiator, air con cooler, air filter box, slam bar and some lighting. So its not unaceptable as it is very useful.

    This is a pic of my Z. Can you tell me where these protrusions are? I cant see any.
    It looks quite straight to me along the side, which again is good aerodynamics. The back bumper sticks out a little bit, but so does the RX-7 rear bumper. But for some reason you call it a beautiful curve on the RX-7 and a pertrusion of the 300ZX. Why?

    I am not bashing the RX-7 as it is a beautiful car, and to be truthful it's the car I wanted when I was saving up for a new car, but it ended up being too expensive. In the end I went for a 300ZX, and actually I feel I made the better choice now I got to know the car a lot more.

    The RX-7 is a lighter nimble smaller interior car. While the 300ZX is a large powerful GT Cruiser, so its hard to compair them performance wise. Yes the RX-7 handles better, mostly down to the less weight, but it does not mean the 300ZX is bad. I have been on holiday/vacation to Scotland (Im from the UK) and drove over 1000mile along twisty roads in total comfort, with 2 weeks holiday/vacation luggage in the boot/trunk and I got 32mpg (UK Miles Per Gallon, which is 7 miles to the litre) that is amazing. I dont think I could have done the same thing in a RX-7 as its not designed for the same use as a 300ZX.

    I wish that people start giving the 300ZX the respect it deserves. Its too fat, its too heavy, this is faster, that's more powerful. Most people's knowledge of Japanese sports cars are from discussions with people in the pub and they got it from watching The Fast And Furious. Because the 300ZX was not in any tacky film doesnt mean its no good. I wish people would start asking people like me about the car instead of telling me what they THINK they know.

    Im going to stop now because, yet again I have gone completely off track. Its what this car does to me :D
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    having driven them both i can say that they are both awesome cars.
    however i would have to put my money on the 7 for both straight line and around a track. the z is still an awesome car and is more luxurious than the 7. if i had to choose between them for a daily driver i would go with the z. As for the rotory being unreliable, well not really. if you treat it well it will treat you well.
    get yourself a larger radiator and replace the stock temperature guage. and if you really want to get fancy i have heard of people replacing the stock apex seals with some superior ones i beleive that this is quite expensive however. also dont overboost a stock engine without increasing cooling. if i wanted a fun car to autox and cruise in on weekends id take the 7. if i wanted a daily driver with luxury speed and style i would go with the z.
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    On Kazaa they have a Japanese track, 6 or 7 car race around a with an R34 skyline, some NSX's, Lancer Evo's, and the RX-7 comes out on top...the 300zx doesn't come close to the RX-7 in any respect; 1/4 mile, 0-60, handling, breaking, no competition!
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    I have answered your questions in the "0-60 is way off" forum. any questions e-mail me at [email protected]
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    it's 80ci you mean. my go-kart has 169cc and makes 6.5hp. and the rotary engine's displacement was measured different at le mans because it combusts more often than piston engines.

  20. Both cars are very awesome IMO, but being the Rotor engine enthusiast that I am, I undoubtfuly know the RX7 would win it in all aspects of motorsport. Here is why I feel as such, the final evolution of the RX7 has the following specs stock.

    2002 Mazda RX7 Spirit R Type A

    power/weight ratio= 4.9

    These are time I estimated by comparing the power to weight ratio of the 255hp 1995 RZ to the 280hp Spirit R Type A, they basically have the same weight to.

    0-60 4.7 secs
    0-100 12.8
    quater mile 13.4 at 105 MPH
    top speed without electronic limiter 175+

    In addition to these already jaw dropping specs the RX7 also is a supperior track/circuit car as well.

    Now for the also impressive 1996 300ZX TT

    power/weight ratio= 5.8

    These are performance specs I found on Import Heaven site, though these times could of been performed by a inexperienced driver so I will take them down a bit.

    0-60 low 5's
    0-100 mid 13's
    quater mile late 13's at 103MPH

    Do not get me wrong I think the 300ZX TT is fast and has good handling but not as good as the Holy RX7.


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