which one's better?? 300zx or rx7??

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  1. i dont kno dat much about cars... i do a little buh compare to ppl here.... im nothin...^^ well can u ppl help me out and give me some info???? i kno both of them r great cars buh duno which one's better... thanx ppl!!<!-- Signature -->
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    The Rx7 because of its rotary<!-- Signature -->
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    The 300ZX kicks the ass out of and mazda
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    the 300zx or course, it looks better and although it might not be faster the engine on the 300zx is more reliable<!-- Signature -->
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    They are different cars. I was looking at the RX-7 when I had a choice of cars that I was looking to buy. The main thing that frightened about me about the RX-7 was the fact they need an engine rebuild after about 80,000 and there are not too many places that can carry out work on an engine like that.
    The RX-7 is a 2 seater, lighter and smaller. The 300ZX is more powerful but its heavier and larger. But the engine is very strong and is easy to modify to to twice the power.
    I finally went for the 300ZX, because there are more places to work on it and the size of it was more pratical for my needs.
    I cant tell you about the RX-7 cos all I did was research them and not actually go in one. I Heard that the lightness of the RX-7 at the back, cos it has a heavy front, caused the back end to kick out under very easily if not used to the car, fun, but dangerous if you are not expecting it
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    300ZX kicks this things ass, ever seen a wankel die?

    Well-its a funny story.

    my friend just bought a new RX-7 TT about a week ago (around 94) and when he was driving down the street his engine blew. for no reason at all. just pitiful cooling and the fact that wankels are monsters but only if you can make them work right.

    i laugh at the F&TF because in real life none of those cars in the (big race with the green ecl.) because they are too powerful. some dumbass just thought it would make them better but us racers know better
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    what's all this reliable crap rx7 haters keep tryin to pull out of your asses? go get a piston engine, from 1940 and tell me how reliable it is. The rotary engine is relatively new and had some problems when it first came out but the latest RX7s don't have that kinda problem. just for being a dumbass, i'll give u a prize, take out your index finger stick it up yur ass and count to 1,000,000.

    remember to rotate your finger a little bit.
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    actually the 300zx is alot heavier and doesnt handle nearly as well as the RX7. the rx7 is the best handling out of the supra, z, and vr4 according to car and driver. it is just as easy to modify a rx7 as it is a 300zx. i wonder why you see 800hp rx7s and supras but no 300zx's guys. also, ever looked at the rx7 interior and the 300zx interior. the rx7's cockpit is very modern compared to the domestic pickup truck look the 300zx has goin on. also one of you said the rx7 is a smaller 2 seater car, what do you think the 300zx is. do you even have one? the 300zx only comes in 2+2 without turbos. they are both good cars, but i think the rx7 is superior. the reliability problems that most people dwell on about the rx7 are mostly attributed to poor maintenance, and yes cooling problems. but i own a 93 RX7 and have had all the usual cooling problems, and the warnings that the car comes with has prevented me from blowing my motor, so maybe your friend is just a moron who shouldnt be driving a rotary powered car.
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    Yea ive heard from many people that the cooling system in the mazda rx-7 is woefully inadequate. But if you were to put a new high performance intercooler and radiatior in this car would that solve the problem?
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    yeah all of the rx7 haters can kiss my ass. Just because the rx7 has cooling problems then maybe cheap asses shouldn't get it because they can't afford a good intercooler or other cooling devices. And comeon a 300zx that car is a joke. haha. Just look how ugly it is in the first place and for seconds that car is worse than the RX. The rx7 doesn't have quite as much HP but it is more powerful. I think that idiots like the kid who blew his engine should even be driving such a powerful car if he can't even take care of it.
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    rx7 , definately. its the 2nd best car in japan. the 1st is taken by skyline *sign*. i have no proof to backup my theory, but every1 knows that, especially those who live around japan & asia. there's nothing wrong with the engine but it does worn out more rapid than conventional ones- inline,V,boxter etc. thatz why the the rx7 has good raputation but cheap second-hand price in the market.

    & the 300zx, aka. the Fairlady in asia, is lack of power & bulky, but its more then enought for daily use. the Z series, is always less powerful than skyline, thats for sure.<!-- Signature -->
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    RX 7ssssssssssssssssssssssss are the best.
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    i saw on a magazine a battle of tuned imports and rx7 were the best
    ones at the track because of the lower center of gravity.
    oh, and by the way, teh low number of mechanics that know how to tune a rotary depends on where you lives because where i live there are a lot of them, they may not use a lot of hi-tech but they can extract more than 700hp from a carburated 13B using gas and of course turbos<!-- Signature -->
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    It's a matter of taste. God in heaven! kill me. I love the 7 but at the right price I'd buy a 300zx. Driven a few, great car.
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    u bunch of stupid asses dat r #$%#in comparin cars like dat . god get a new hobbie. and 300zx r #$%#in 2 seaters u dumb #$%#s. and it is all about opinion. god damn . okie well hea is mah OPINION. i LIKE rx-7 more but and it is better speed-wise. looks is juss ur opinion. if u get a stock 300zx and a stock rx-7. well sorrie to break it down for ya but da rx-7 wins yo. if a 300zx has all dat power and cant beat an mr2 den how is it gonna beat an rx-7 cuz sum u dumb #$%#s be sayin shit like dat. it is a nice car and all but it still loses to an rx-7 . ehh but 300zx do look nice i admit dat but still it loses to an rx-7 but it also matter about da driver.
  17. Hmmm!

    The comment about the MR2 beating a 300ZX. Yes a MR2 is slighly faster than a 300ZX 0-60, but I also have a video from the internet of an MR2 beating a RX-7 on the 1/4 mile
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    RX7 is faster, but not as reliagle and luxurios as the 300ZX.
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    The 300zx is pretty heavy, but has a distinct power advantage over the RX7. It also rides very comfortably.

    The RX7 is a very light car on the other hand, but has a pretty rough ride to it.

    I'd consider the 300zx a better road car (especially for long distances), but the RX7 would probably be a more fun car to throw into the corners and zip around in.
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    Well, I love both cars but today id have to run with the Rx because, of the rotary engine2, light weight, Turbo(optional), 20b(optional) and because of the easy work station. The reason I didnt pick the 300zx is because of the weight, its so heavy and just think about it you see more Rx's than 300zx's beacuse the Rx's rotary. I would have to agree with one reply on saying the cockpit of the Rx is nicer than the Box-shaped 300zx's, I would also have to agree with the bad cooling systems in the Rx but its nothing a good intercooler couldnt remedy. Also if you look at the body style of a 3rd Gen Rx, its much more aerodynamic than any year of the 300zx's but, in my opinion the 300zx's body is nicer thats why Nissan didnt barely change the body style on the 300zx from like 90'-96'. Even on this site the Car Compare link said that a Rx(no-turbo) was better than a
    300zx(no-turbo) but thats where the Rx's high price came in but a 300zx TT vs. a Rx7 TT the purse would go to the Nissan.

    Simon Hoey
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    it depends. On the track, the Rx-7 would lap the 300ZX, because its much lighter, and handles better and the rotary kicks ass.
    But a car to own, id go with the 300ZX. Its a bigger car, and i think it looks better when it has T-Tops, and you wouldnt have all the problems as you would with the rotary. The parts for it are cheaper, and its a bigger car. If u have alot of money and passion into cars, you should go with the Rx-7, but if you only want a daily driver, id go with the 300ZX.
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    best thing about rotary engines is u have the power of a 6cyl, with the weight of a four

    an rx7 would dick a 300zx
    but rx7's are so damn unreliable it prolly wouldnt make it twice around the track
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    i have both a rx-7 and a 300zx twin turbo and i would have to say the 300zx turbo. the rx-7 is a great car but if pushed hard enough one of those seals in the engine will pop. i had my rotary rebuilt twice and my 300zx hasnt had any problems. the rx-7 handles a lot better than the 300zx but the 300zx has a stronger set up and engine
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    what do you think...

    that crappy 300zx can't even touch my car

    of course rotary wins...
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    WTF kind of language are you using?

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